Working book synopsis

Well at least I managed to come up with the synopsis for Rise (death and a dragon) before getting past a couple hundred pages, unlike last time. That was my second to last thought for Nightshadow Chronicles. Hopefully I can get a mental image of the cover soon. That would be helpful, despite the fact that I think I’m a long way before finishing the story or my writing in the world of Talora.  Now to post the synopsis:

(dramatic drum-roll)

Using animal as scouts Aegis the Wise, watches the prince of Soculas return. Dreams of vengeance and power cloud the prince’s mad mind. Believing he has began to fulfill his promise of revenge. Aegis moves through Talora, seeking the troops sent out of Raifare to deal with a growing bandit problem. He believes they will aid him in getting an audience with the King of Raifare. Aegis sent a small note to his friend Salivor, a wizard at Arcania. Meanwhile an elven dreamwalker see, a small group of men fight their recently deceased comrades.With fortune the men easily slay their risen comrades. Aegis manages to find these men in a whiteout of a snowstorm. Despite problems with these soldiers of Raifare, upon first contact. They agree to let him travel with them.

Salivor is waiting for something to arrive, when his Anthro servant and secret pupil delivers Aegis’ letter. Once his pupil is away he reads the letter before writing a summary of the letter and progress with the hatching of dragon eggs, to a mutual friend Valora. Valora has other problems when the bird carrying Salivor’s letter arrives.

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