Review of The Watcher’s keep (The Triadine Saga #1)

The Watcher's Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1)The Watcher’s Keep by Timothy Bond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five stars as a whole.

This is the first book I have read from the author so I wasn’t sure what to expect out side of the posted summary of the book. While the books plot seems simple, it gets very complex as it brings in more characters, more races and more points of view. This really aids the books as a whole.

The book tells me the story of the Chosen Ones of prophecy, along with a large number of other characters who are intertwined with prophecy directly or indirectly and the rising darkness. The Chosen Ones are two twin children Peter and Alexandra, who are living “normal” lives until the Guardians are killed by the Kings military and their spy master Brannis who is secretly controlling the king. Peter gets conscripted as he distracts the military after his sister. His sister successfully gets away and eventually makes to the Elven kings city. The book also introduces Karoel and a wizard named Rendil who are trying to aid the children in ways the children are unaware of, along with the villain Lord-God Khall, his bonded helpers, lady Olivia (who Peter is smitten with), Jon (peters best friend) and a dwarfs named Beron, along with a few more essential characters left out to prevent spoiling the novel.

As the story progresses along Peter is chosen to be a member of the Messenger Corps under a false name, which he easily excels and becomes trusted by the lady Olivia and commander Towe. Lady Olivia is a maiden for choosing along with others to be chosen as the wife of the king. As her fathers health is getting worse, she manages to escape (so to speak) to visit her father, followed by a rider in black and the bastard son of the king Brandon. Jon and Peter work side by side as Fox hunters (goblins) despite their military differences.

The church also plays a minor/major role since they deny the existence of dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls and anything else magical. This makes things difficult as the dwarves (Beron and his father)send an ambassadors, who are mistaken for cattle rustlers. while Beron manages to escape with help from commander Towe, despite his fathers death manages to make to the elves with help from Karoel.

The book concludes in a classic cliffhanger fashion with Beron, Jon and Peter in the watchers keep as Alexandra and her guard Darius are lost in a sea at storm, struck down by a artifact of great power stolen by the elves in the hands of lord-God Khall.

I received this book from goodreads giveaway.

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