Review of The Dragon Rises (The Triadine Saga #2)

The Dragon Rises (The Triadine Saga, #2)The Dragon Rises by Timothy Bond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book picks up right where the last one picks up, with a rapid pace. It continues telling the tales of Karoel, Brandon the Bastard, Peter, Alexandra, Lady Olivia, Beron, Jon, The dragon god Barak (former servant of the Lord-God), Rendil, Brannis and the followers of the Lord-God Khall.

The book opens with Jon, Beron and Peter still in the watcher’s keep. Lady Olivia, Captain Clift, and Brandon the bastard still held captives by both the goblins and red robed priests. After the dragon fails to return for two days, they make their way out of the watchers keep. Eventually they go their separate ways after stopping at the home Karoel’s sister. As Peter travels with the husband of Karoel’s sister he gets captures by the king’s elite. In a humorous twist he is saved by the bandit lord and Ingk who senses that Peter is related to his close friend. After he finds out that Lady Olivia is still hostage he resolves to rescue her, with help from the now escaped Brandon the bastard. Jon and Beron meanwhile return to Jon’s village, where he married to the his lover. He reluctantly leaves to return to his unit, when he runs into Karoel. Lost on his journey Peter, finds his way back to the dellum, who lead him to Karoel, and Brandon the bastard.In the meantime Beron visits the oracle only to receive a cryptic vision. Rendil returns back from his accidental journey north, to the elves. In the end with help from Beron, Jon, Brandon the Bastard, and Finn (an elfling) save lady Olivia while searching for the second part of The Triandine, held in the caves Beron grew up in.

Defiantly worth picking up if you like quick, paced fantasy with bits of humor and a complex plot. I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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