Reviews of Transcendent Tales:Volume one

Transcendent Tales - Volume OneTranscendent Tales – Volume One by Adam Train
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I plan on reviewing each story individually, before giving my impressions on the book as a whole.

The legend of Skoll defiantly has a unique start of the tale, similar to oral story passed down generation to generation. I highly enjoyed this short story. It tells about the birth of the man named Skoll and his less then pleasant childhood as a slave. Eventually he escapes that life and becomes a bounty hunter. Near the end of the story he finds his homeland and imparts two lessons to his downtrodden people.

The New End has a very almost twilight zone feel to the story, at least in my opinion. It tells the story of a journalist who interviews the last man who knows he is gong to die. The man imparts his wisdom gained over his limited life to the journalist.

The Voyage of Windward Atoll has a very Poe vibe to the story. Is tell the story from the perspective of a deckhand and the journey of the ship to some cursed island upon the direction of a bronze-masked stranger.

The Third Realm is a more modern take on planetary exploration. It tells the story of how mankind discovered a parallel realm populated by Amela. The Amela guide humanity or at least to attempt to since the government controls access.

Prey is a very simple story that tells us about Homo sapiens encounter with Neanderthals and the conflict that comes about.

The treaty of nine -part 1 starts as a traditional science fiction story with a war between the human race and the Krahl’kahn who are what remains of their race. They fight over control of Mars. With the treasonous actions of a Krahl’kahn first mate a peace is achieved with the humans. Occasional skirmishes still happen from both sides but the peace lasts.

Saisho no kamikaze is about the brave Japanese samurai who are fighting against Mongol invaders.

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