Review of Ancient Magic (Ancient Magic saga#1)

Ancient Magic (Ancient Magic Saga, #1)Ancient Magic by Bob Blink
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book tells the story of Rigo,Kaler, and Daria along with several others as the book changes POV’s as the book progresses to introduce both minor and major characters. Rigo is a novice sorcerer who is following an internal sense along to a destination he doesn’t know. Kaler is a well-trained swordsman who is saved by Rigo. Daria is assassin who Rigo and Kaler find as they are making a getaway after being imprisoned. When Daria is found she is wounded and on the brink of death. She recovers and joins Rigo and Kaler on their journey. Meanwhile a war slowly starts begin as Lopal begins making raids into Braind. As they journey toward they counter Burke who attempt to forcefully take Rigo to his group of wizards leaving his companions behind. Rigo forces Burke away allowing him and his companions to journey onward. Along the way they encounter Jeen and Ash’urn. Jeen is a novice wizard Who has run from her village after accidentally killing a noble while Ash’urn is a adventurer among other things. Rigo finds his destination known as the Citadel where he finds an old ring. As Rigo puts it on he is taken over by Diam an master wizard from 2600 years ago who takes over his body. Diam fully activates Rigo’s nodes allowing him to become a full-fledged wizard and a new hosts of knowledge and magical abilities. Rigo stop the war before it fully starts since their are larger concerns for both those with magical capabilities and those without. With the war stopped in its tracks, Rigo finds Burke’s allies and Burke in their outpost hidden away from the world. As Rigo takes over the group he reveals the Hoplani problem and the problem of the towers that are designed to erect a barrier that prevents the spread of the Hoplani beyond the mysterious ruins. They gather enough wizards to erect successfully erect the barrier but the Hoplani still manage to get out and spread. Rigo and a few others manage to temporarily contain the spread as they figure out how the Hoplani are getting out and what the other the beast they spotted among them is.
I received this item from goodreads first read giveaway.

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