Review of The Baldari (Ancient Magic Saga #3)

The Baldari (Ancient Magic Saga, #3)The Baldari by Bob Blink
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To be honest any fans of fantasy novels should check out this series as a whole. The final book in the series deals with the problems of the Baldari and the Bryn who are manipulating them into attacking the three kingdoms and Sedfiar. Rigo, Nycoh, Lyes and several other wizards, casters and mages attempt to deal with the problem as the Baldari kidnap casters and wizards for the Bryn. They send two teams to find the home the Baldari as Kaler and Daria deal with problems as her stepfather is killed by bandits, along the capture three girls. With help from Daria,Kaler, Sulene and several others they manage to eliminate the last of the eight. Koess returns from his time in the void and manages to give the Wizards both green fire and shields, as Nycoh’s powers grows. Eventually they find the fortress/prison of the Bryn with help from the Baldari. With Ashurn’s death he awakens Nycoh and Rigo Bryn blood. Three of the Bryn escape but with the ampflier destroyed the Bryn can no longer control the Baldari or the captured wizards/casters. Rigo, Nycoh, sulene, Daria, Kaler and Jeen manage to deal with the Bryn individually as the Bryn wreak havoc and destruction across Sedfiar and the three kingdoms. Eventually the Bryn are eliminated and peace returns to the lands.

I received this book from goodreads giveaway.

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