Review of Full Dark, No Stars

Full Dark, No StarsFull Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Defiantly good, if not essential one his short (but slightly long) stories collections. I will review each of the stories individually.

The first story 1922 is an extremely well written account of the events preceding the murder of his wife and the events that follow afterwords. It also includes what happens to his son and his pregnant girlfriend as retold by the information he gathers trying to figure out what happened. The story concludes with his death as the guilt over his wife’s death drives him crazy.

The second story Big Driver is about a female author who goes to book event to meet with fans, where she meets the mother who sends her down a “shortcut” road where is she is brutally rapped by her two sons and left for dead. However she survives and debates getting her revenge in a very personal way or calling the police.

The third story Fair Extension is a man who makes a deal to get rid of his cancer in exchange for his best friend’s life going down, along with some cash. To be honest it reminds me of another of King’s books Needful Things in a much more condensed format.

The final story a Good Marriage is the story of a women who accidentally finds out her husband is serial killer. After the husband promises to stop killing, he dies by falling down the stairs after a nice meal with his wife. In the end a semi-retired officer attempts to figure if the wife was aware what the husband was doing, which concludes the story.

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