Review of A feast for Crows (A song of Ice and Fire, #4)

A Feast for Crows (A Song of Ice and Fire, #4)A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Honestly reviewing this book poses a little challenge since most of the story is told from the perspective of Jamie and Cersei Lannister, and leaves out a good chunk of the main characters. However two return with changed names to hide their noble linage, from a kingdom that thinks/wants them dead. In this case, the kingdom is pretty much made up entirely of Cersei Lannister. The fact she ends up being put in cell near the end of the book is equally amusing as it is fitting for the lioness. Lady Margery is in there as well after being accused of treason, adultery and not being a maiden by Cerseri. Arya/ Cat is living in Bravos, as she learns things and is forced forget who she once was. Sansa/Alayna is living with Lord Littlefinger, as his bastard daughter and the son of Jon Arryn. Brienne of Tarth is working on finding both daughters of the late Edward Stark.

The war for the Iron Throne may be mostly won, but I doubt that is an end to the fighting. Jon Snow or should I say Commander Snow, sends Samwell Tully, Gilly and the young babe of caster away from the wall, with Maester Aemon. The Maester dies on the way back to the citadel at Oldtown. Samwell has strict orders from Lord Commander to become a Maester for the wall. The Ironmen have chosen a new King and prepare tot resume the war.

It is obvious to most readers, that there is other things that are happening as the book progress, but that would make the book massive. Honestly I am eager to see what happens to the jailed Lioness and Lady Margery in the next book. As much as I loath Ceresei as a character since she is a manipulative, power hungry women,whose primary concern is her son more than the realm, her character makes the world much more interesting.

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