Review of The Dust of Wonderland

The Dust of WonderlandThe Dust of Wonderland by Lee Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well much to my surprise the book has a happy ending. Happier than most horror novels at least. Honestly this book is a simple read, despite the sometimes complicated plot. The setting of New Orleans actually seems to contribute to the atmosphere of the story well, given it blends real history and fictional history building up the villain. For the most part the characters are relatable, outside of some of the more extreme reactions that happen.

Ken returns home, after his son bobby is an accident. Which sounds like it would be a simple visit, with his ex-wife, daughter and a few ex lovers. Of course it isn’t that simple, things get interesting as they search for bobby’s mysterious fiancé Vicki Blanch. Things spiral out of control as bobby briefly returns to life before being murdered in his hospital bed. Mysterious forces are at play, from a long dead lover ken had when he was eighteen. A mythos of sorts is built around Travis and his estate Wonderland. As the story progress the mythos is revealed and truth is brought about in a old storybook. The end is well written as Ken must choose between his ex wife and daughter, or an old lover.

Overall the book is well written and blends the realistic and gruesome with ease. It will be a welcome addition to the library of any fan of horror.

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