Someone bring me some inspiration and coffee, please

writeres block

I’m not sure what has happened since July began but I haven’t really written much. It feels odd, to not be inspired or creative. Even if I’m not writing I usually have some degree of creativity but being barely able to write a few hundred words is frustrating when I usually get 2000 a day. It feels different from writer’s block though, like the creative spark that usually burns through my mind like a wildfire has become nothing more than embers. Maybe I should just stop writing for a few days let my brain take rest for a few days. Hopefully that will work.

Any ideas to get my spark back, will be greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Someone bring me some inspiration and coffee, please

  1. Personally, if I get stuck, I take a noun (any noun) and put it in a sentence (subject-verb-object). I find it hard to write about “cows” in general for example, but “The cows were looking up at the sky” is a sentence that will take me suddenly any-and-everywhere! That’s how I do it! It probably wouldn’t work for anyone else!


  2. Sometimes, a break is just what our system needs. If you don’t feel like writing even after a break, try timed freewriting based on prompts. Sometimes, being able to write anything at all feels soothing.

    Thanks for joining the Cherished Blogfest– look forward to your post, and in the meantime, please visit the linky list to make some new friends 🙂


  3. To add to the comment on the Cherished Blogfest– please consider linking the image to one of the co-host announcement posts, so that more bloggers in your audience would join in.


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