August’s ends

While August, may not have been the most productive month between picnics and running a garage sale. Along, with starting a new job during the third week of the month. However, I know what I want to do for September. Well, mostly anyway.

General Goals for August:

  1. Look into editing services for Rise (seasons of dragons and death)
  2. Insert the map, once the editing is done
  3. Create and send out query letters
  4. Reach 100 followers on here
  5. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter, and 100 likes on Facebook

Facebook page:

Here is my top five posts for this month, feel free to check them out:

  1. WEP Challenge Spectacular Settings entry
  2. Six Sentence Stories #24
  3. Late midweek update or Thursday update for August
  4. Six Sentence Stories #16
  5. Wednesday update

Hopefully, next month will be as productive as this one. Even with the new job.

Now on to a slightly new thing, I’m trying to figure out. I have created a new addition on my menu entitled: Short Stories and Random musings. It will keep my short stories organized, especially the six sentence ones. Also it allows me to showcase my other short stories and writing contests entries. It is right by the “My Works,” section of the menu. If anyone has any idea how to get the parent page working, please comment below. For now, I’m just using hyperlinked pages.

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