Arrival to the City of Heavens

Honestly, I’m not really sure how to introduce this story as a whole. Originally I was going to make this one continuous series of Six Sentence Stories, with each entry as a connecting, almost journal style entry. However the more I wrote it, the more I realized it worked better as a short story, instead a series of intertwined entries in a journal of the unnamed protagonist.  Oddly enough, that makes the writing flow without interruption. Without further ado, I present: Arrival to the City of Heavens;

Sadly, I watched from the small window, as I left the surface, and my family behind. I always seemed to be the unlucky one in my family. Yet here I sat, on an uncomfortable seat, going to live in the floating islands among the clouds. All because, my ticket was plucked from the revolving drum the government was using to select the citizens for these islands. It was their way to balance out the elite, and the rich, that were escaping a plague brought on by overpopulation. Was this my chance at a better life, or was it some sick joke by God?
With a sigh I turned my gaze from the window, to the people nearby. From what I was told when I boarded, all of the passengers were here because there names were drawn. I wondered to myself trying to delay the tears, what was going through their minds right now. Did they consider themselves fortunate, or were they fighting the incredible sadness from leaving their loved ones behind? Their focused downward made it for me to tell what exactly was passing through their heads. Looking down on the meager things I had brought with me, I let myself weep.
A soft squeeze at my hand, made me look up through the tears. It was a young woman, who appeared to be close to my age. She had brown hair, that was up in a ponytail, and had thick, black glasses which looked back at me with tear filled, green eyes. I had never met this women before but, I had to admit the gesture was comforting. Gently she leaned into my right shoulder before, weeping again. I made no move, to push the women away as we both cried. For the things we left behind, and for our loved ones who remained on the surface.
We both cried until a calm, robotic voice came through the small speakers above us. “The ship will be docking at your new homes, shortly. Look out the window, for your first view of the City of the Heavens,” before it cut off with a loud click. Trying to wipe the tears from my eyes, I glanced out the window. Large, octagonal islands, cover with patches of green grass greeted my eyes. Tall steel skyscraper like buildings, erupted from the ground, before they were forcibly cut off by a large mostly clear dome.
A hard shift broke my gaze as something I couldn’t see shook the ship. The woman at my shoulder, looked up to my with a look of fear in her eyes. Once again the robotic voice broke the silent, melancholy of the air. “The shaking you just experienced , is normal. The ship is safe in the docking arm of the city. You will have a brief wait before, you will be allowed to enter the city. Do as you are told,and you will be cleared to enter your new home, in the clouds,” before cutting off once more.
With a soft, mousy voice the woman asked “What more can they want from us? They examined us all for signs of the virus before they let us on.” I shrugged, not knowing how to answer her. Part of me assumed they were just being careful. Another part of me wasn’t sure what they could want, since they had already taken so much from us. What more could there be left to take?

2 thoughts on “Arrival to the City of Heavens

  1. Nice ominous tone to this excerpt. “The plague” premise is quite popular right now and being done a lot, whether it’s a disease or a zombie apocalypse. I hope you’re developing something different! Also, please edit before posting so you offer us a smooth read. Thanks! Cinda


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