Short story idea: Artificial Evolution

This was one of my ideas I came up with, in that dreary gray area between sleep, and conscious. Which in turn maybe the reason it is oddly short, more of a vignette than a short story. Also please don’t ask about the quote, it is something I made up trying to make it sound ancient. Well without farther ado, I present Artificial Evolution:

“Man can be many things. An artist, a scholar, a warrior, a philosopher, and so much more. Yet, he is inherently limited by his own body. His own mind and his own mortality? What if man wasn’t limited? What if man could become gods?”

Those were the only words on the first page of this document that was personally forced into my hands, by two strange men in matching black suits. There was extremely little to suggest what words rested between its white pages. Even the men who forced it into my hands, were indistinct. Almost generic in appearance, and dress. The paper itself was almost completely free of distinguishing marks. Outside of a small symbol on the top right page. A blue double helix, with the letter “E” embossed over it in black.

Following years of war with uncontrolled, untested biological and chemical weapons, that had left most of humanity sterile. Those that still had a slim chance to reproduce were treated as celebrities in a dying world. With a silent mind, I pondered the strange quote that dominated the cover. The way it was worded seemed intentionally cryptic, as if it was hinting at something. Was this document the key to humanities survival, or the key to our extinction? Either way, I saw extremely little hope for myself, and the rest of the species.

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