Review of Revival by Stephan King

RevivalRevival by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a reason Stephen King is one the world’s best writers, and this book is no exception. While the book is may have a on and off pace, as the story churns between the relatively normal life of Jamie Morton, and the not so ordinary life he has at times. Combining classical elements of horror, occult, mysticism, and science this book is defiantly an up and down thrill ride, as Jamie grows up. You can see the influence of two notable classic writers of horror, Mary Shelly and H.P. Lovecraft, intertwined within the story.

Of course there are some humorous and tragic elements intertwined in the story, as Pastor Charlie Jacobs, and Jamie Morton have this yin-yang style relationship. Sometimes it is good, and other times it is complex and horrible. For the most part these two definitely make the book oddly interesting, as Charlie Jacobs explores his obsession with secret electricity.

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