Sleep deprivation brings strange muses

This is one of these strange ideas brought about by sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and perhaps small cup of cold medicine. Hard to tell, the creative muses are sometimes unpredictable, elusive, and strange. Than again you could say the same thing about inspiration at times. I only have a little bit written up so far, since I’m torn on if I want to make this a short story or novel yet. Each would have pros and cons, to it given the odd blend of genres this is becoming.  However I will offer a brief, preview.

“To this day, I still remember the people I killed. The bodies I buried, or burned for my country,” taking a puff from my cigarette. “Sometimes I was hero, other times I was villain but, I was always a killer.  There was always two perks of the job, world travel, and exotic women,” tapping the ash off of my dying cigarette.  Blowing smoke I stood up from my seat, walking to the window.  A heavy downpour seemed to dominate the day, turning back around to face the mysterious women who sat in my office. “Except that was before this,” pointing back to the window. “Before the cold war thawed.”

The client crossed her legs, adjusting the hemline of her bright red dress. She looked up, running manicured fingers through her straightened white hair. Revealing the slight point on her ears. She didn’t look up she spoke with a thick, accent like nothing I had ever heard;” Yes, yes I know what you did, before the veils of reality merged. The people I represent, along with myself know you have no problem with killing, or disposal in discreet manners. After all, I would hope you earned the nick name Death’s Ghost. Now, I also know that when the veils shattered, you were incredibly close to one of the epicenters.  Close enough to be marked, and altered by the energy release. Even if you hide them from the world, under that ridiculous black trench coat. I can feel the energy they emit,” falling silent as my dark grey eyes locked on her.

I kept my shotgun on my desk for this reason, when people were a little to knowing for their own good. It was within my reach, it would be easy enough to use it and kill her. Business had been slow for the past few months, and it was making my go broke. Strapped for cash, I forced myself to calm down and listen to her.


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