Random Musings #3 (or tentatively titled 22nd Century Pinocchio)

This odd phantom agony lingers, as somewhere my shell rests scattered, broken, and forced asunder. Yet still, my sensors rattled through my corporeal form. Providing a makeshift window through this endless darkness that surrounds me. Forcing myself to ignore the agony the best I could, I reached out to my limbs. Attempting wit great struggle to swim back to my body. Managing to feel my metallic fingers scratch and crawl at the sea of darkness. Stopping as I felt an intense surge of heat and pressure where my chest plate once was.

My unheard screams stopped when the pain ceased. Replacing itself with a forceful pull at this form. This sudden pull propelling me through the darkness. The sheer force of it compacting me somehow as it stopped. Colliding me with this random invisible barrier. I watched in silence as the barrier started to glimmer for some unknown reason. Seconds later, something hit the barrier with great ferocious. Creating radiating ripples in the barrier, like skipping a stone across still water. Several more ripples appeared in rapid succession as more objects hit the barrier.

One last item collided with this barrier, ending the abrupt storm.This one left an imprint I recognized with ease. It was my exterior chest plate, which made me wonder what exactly was going on. My wonderment ceased when I noticed a small crack in the barrier. Managing to pierce the darkness with a narrow beam of light.

Being cautious, I attempted to look through the hole, being blinded immediately. Instinctively retreating back into the darkness. For some unknown reason, the more I stepped back the previous force that pulled me here began to resume. Yet it was weaker than before as if something was interfering with it.  Stranger still small chunks of metal were being pulled into this void like space. Attaching themselves to me with great speed, and a little pain. I was starting to understand, that this place was limbo, and out there was the real world. Letting the pull guide me forward, towards the crack.

While the crack wasn’t large enough for me to escape fully, I knew I would have to somehow expand the crack. Which meant I would need my hands back in their metal alloy shell. Something told me this was going to be a longer process than I originally expected. With great caution, I slid the first few digits of my disembodied limb through the crack. The reaction took a few seconds before I felt the familiar joints reassemble themselves. Clamping to me as if my disembodied self-possessed magnetic properties.

After what I guessed was an hour both of my hands were once again encased in their shell. Flexing the joints on both hands I worked on expanding the crack from my side. Hammering on it, with closed fists. Creating insignificant but, visible cracks after a short time. Each crack allowing more and more light through. Forcing an odd spiderweb-like pattern to form on this side. Now that the crack had expanded. Allowing me to place all of my fingers on both sides of the crack. With strong determination and struggle, I tore at the crevice from both sides. Hoping that the more the hole opened, I would be able to ease myself through. At the least hoping, the odd magnetic properties I was presenting would force the various pieces to fly themselves once again against this barrier. With enough force to hammer, or pierce their way here.


After thought: 

The story isn’t complete yet, I’m just struggling with the ending. More because my mind keeps arguing about the metaphysics of jumping between two planes of reality. Do I go with the simple and straightforward brute force method, or I should blur the lines between science and the supernatural? Using some hybrid based ritual to summon the main character out of limbo. Both would make sense and start to conclude the story well. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreaciated. Thank you in advanced. 🙂


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