Random Musings #4

“In the last days before the inevitable earth shaping war began, you were made. To carry on humanity into a state of broken civilizations, and chaos. Yet, you are not alone in this quest. The others will find you, or you wind end up finding them. That is one of the few things, I as your creator and your father never understood. The unnatural bond all the unnatural children possessed when they rarely met each other. Yet given the mammoth task you all face, the link will serve you well. In the times to come, you will remember why we were forced to put into a cryogenic sleep. It was, unfortunately necessary,” was all the note read. It did little to put me at ease, as I looked around the strange chamber I had awakened in. I could barely recall anything this note mentioned, leaving me wondering who, or what am I?
As I attempted to stand, I felt a strong pressure surround my head. With a yelp,I sat fell to the floor holding my head. Seeing flashes of the past as if it happened a few days ago. To me I supposed it had, since I still had no idea how long I was asleep. Yet stranger still, was the memories had a voice as they played in my head. The voice sounded familiar for reasons I couldn’t recall. Was the voice my own, or was it someone I knew?
It felt like hours before the pressure and flood of old memories stopped. With little struggle I stood up and walked to the clear, hollow tube that once held me. The floor around still wet with the fluid that preserved me. I hoped I would find information around it. About myself, who I was, how I would survive to carry out my duty from my own past.
After searching for a brief time before I found at least one answer. My name was embossed on a small, rusting plaque. I read my name aloud, “Mathias.”  Almost immediately after I read my name, something below whirred to life with a loud bang. Jumping back out of instinct, I watched the dim lights in the chamber brightened. Revealing the symbol of a large bird facing forward floating above a rectangular image. The image looked like a flag of some sort, with red, white and blue colors. Other smaller things turned on around the chamber as well. Making sections of the wall glow a dark shade of red in spots. I was beginning to remember bits and pieces of where I was. This room was a preservation chamber. One of many built across the world  as part of Project “Carry On.”
Walking cautiosly around the awakened chamber I looked for a way to escape. If the note was correct. This place had to have a way out. Allowing me to perform the task the note mentioned. Stopping once a large square of black began to glow a light shade of blue. I stood and waited a matter of seconds before the blue changed to a video of a man in a dark blue suit, with a white undershirt. The man was older, wearing thick glasses under a set of thinning grey hair. Whoever this person was took a deep breath before speaking, “If you are hearing this that means you are carrier of humanities’ last hope. Who I am doesn’t matter, just trust and believe what I say. You are awakening in a world radically shaped by chaos. As a participant of Project Carry On, you were created to survive this new world. Soon enough you will have to do just that. Good luck my and godspeed on your journey to a new frontier,” before the screen went black once more.
Mere seconds later, a loud hiss of air was heard behind me. Turning with haste, I saw the metal floor separate itself in two places. Forcing from unknown depths, two tall and wide metallic silver chests. On both were similar plates of untainted bronze on them. Upon inspection,both of  the plates bore my name.
Cautiosly I placed my hands on the one on the left first. The cold metal burned my hands for a brief moment. With a grunt I pulled them away. I looked at my hands. Seeing the skin had been burned just slightly, but had already began to heal. I looked up to see where my hands had been there were two distintive impressions. In silence I tried to figure what just happened, as the chest slid open from the center. Revealing something that looked technologically medieval. It was strangely reflective for its onyx color. There was something alien, yet familiar about it. I had to wonder if this was constructed to protect me against the world?

Taking a few steps to the right, I placed both my hands on the chest. Both burned a little before the chest opened from the center.  Revealing the weapons I don’t remember choosing. Without hesitation I pulled the one closestest to my right hand. A curved blade of silver, with an all black handle with an opposite curve. It was lighter then its appearance would suggest. There was a matching one on the left of the cabinet. Two guns set carefully placed in the center. Yet they didn’t match like blades.  They all looked they were built for me specifically. Leaving me with more questions then answers.

Doubting I could just hide away without being found I walked back to the armor. Pulling it out in pieces, starting with the legs and feet. Setting them on myself with great care and caution. Feeling them pinch as they sealed themselves to my body. Growing more determined to escape and survive with each applied piece. Almost as if whatever determation I had l, was beginning to return. Hopefully bringing some answers along with it.

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