Random musings #6.1

Feeling Earth’s collective gaze, as I noticed the landing space for our drop ship was being activated after a successful test run. The drop ship was waiting, barely attached on the lowest level of the ship. Holding one ambassador from each race of the Galatic Accord, and their escort parties.  Along with a group of fifteen guards, as a precautionary measure. Including the two pilots, a mechanic, and a gunner that brought the ship up to 60 passengers. Which given the ship’s size was almost a skeleton crew. Two of fighter jets would accompany our descent down.

With a forceful release of the holding crane, we began our descent. Our jets followed our departure swiftly. In slight awe, of the strange beauty, the Earth possessed from this view. Memorizing the details this view provided as our descent down began. Feeling the artificial gravity turn on as the ship began to fall through the atmosphere. The ship getting slightly warmer as the thermal shielding worked.
After about ten minutes of free-fall, I heard the engines turn back on. Feeling a little jump, as the pilots worked on leveling the ship out. Before we could plot a proper course toward the landing zone. With patience, and mental preparation I collected my thoughts. Making sure my speech would have the proper impact, as I made myself once more part of history. Bringing my tenth planet into the Galatic Accord. Even though I wondered to myself, how history would see me after my death. Would I still be the butcher I was in my youth, or I would I become a being of peace?
Something rapidly flying past my window broke my focus. While I knew the two escorting jets could handle things, I had to wonder what flew past us. Perhaps humanity had managed to put aside its own differences when our offer began. If that was the case, humanity was less primitive than their violent history suggested. In dire filled silence, I watched with curiosity to see if that jet was hostile.
Several minutes had passed before the landing zone had begun to appear on the horizon. Almost blinding me as the sun reflected off the luminous structure. They must have coated the trapezoidal pyramid like structure with their version of star panels. That was clever given the power output we required, from the few things that would be deployed upon landing. All of which our early abductees would understand and hook up before any of us would set foot on this planet. It was another necessary precaution to make sure our party would survive the landing. Along with being understood by Earth’s dominant race, humans.

Despite Earth’s oxygen-rich atmosphere which would allow the various species aboard the drop ship to breathe without issue. Given the industrial nature of humanity, the air would also be filled with chemical based pollutants and biological contamination. That could prove problematic, and inadvertently lethal to us.  Which is why despite having the early abductees build in a strong filtration system, the air would have to be sterilized. Before I would allow any of us to depart. Our pilots would be the ones in charge of dropping the tech that did that. Along with a few other pieces of our technology, that would ensure our safety from both pollutants, human weaponry, and the greatest danger of all. A failure to be understood.

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