Random musings #7 

“This world has become a nightmarish hell. Everyone struggling with their own humanity as they try to survive. Not just from each other but the virus’s monsters creations. I had seen first hand how the virus radically altered the dead. Yet I still heard constant whispers of scientists who had managed to alter the virus.  Giving the mutated virus to volunteers, and the volunteers surviving the infection’s transformation. Managing to retain their humanity. If the whispers were true, I believed humanity had a grim chance of salvation,” writing down some of this hellish world’s history in a tattered notebook. Carefully placing it on the windowsill, I peeked through a crack in boarded up windows. The sun was beginning to rise in the east. Meaning safer travel was coming soon.

Setting my rifle down, I went to wake who remained of my small group. We had lost so many before we found our current shelter. It was an oddly even split from infection, people get lost and from other human survivors. I woke Jillian and Jet first since they were close by. “Dawn is coming, which means we need to get moving. The others aren’t coming like we agreed. Go wake everyone else and be quick and quiet about it.”

Jillian stretched with a slight grunt before getting off the floor. Jet watched her some before doing the same. Since the group found them, I had rarely seen them apart. Neither one of them spoke of their life before this, but I thought they were related. They both shared some physical characteristics, like charcoal skin, green eyes and dark black hair. Yet, Jet was at my guess two years younger than Jillian. Once I was aware they were up and moving, I went to resume my watch. Peering back through the makeshift wood barricade, that was on all the windows. Watching closely as dawn started to blanket the land.

If any infected were nearby that would be seeking shelter soon. However the virus altered its host, it made them violently sensitive to sunlight. To a point, it was a lethal weapon against them. From the few, I saw through my scope they didn’t look like the vampires of myth. Instead, they bore an odd resemblance to gargoyles. Complete with large leathery wings, sharp claws and fangs, and dark gray almost stone colored skin. Yet, for reasons unknown to me the one I saw was on all fours. Appearing blind as it seemed to sniff at the air with its twisted triangle nose, trying to find my scent.

Jillian tapped me on the shoulder, breaking my thoughts. The others were standing in the doorway, blocking the kitchen. Looking haggard and hopeless but alive for now.

I whispered, “It appears safe to leave. Do a quick search for anything we can use, and we will leave just be safe. Try not to leave anything behind. Each one of you knows what to look for. Now go, and be quick. We are burning daylight,” watching them scatter with haste. Regretting some how they forced me into this leadership role. With a slight stretch of my back, I began packing my stuff. Ready to move ever closer, to the fabled paradise called Delubrum. Assuming it actually exists somewhere in the frozen tundra of uppermost Canada.

After about three minutes everyone had returned. I couldn’t tell if they had success or not. It would have to wait till later, like always. We needed to get moving with haste. I knew I wouldn’t have to tell them to follow me. Carefully moving myself through the adjusted barricade through the front door. Heading towards the street with my rifle tight in my grip. Keeping a constant eye on the surroundings, as we moved.

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