Random Musings #6.2 

The sanitization machine and the inter-language translator were quickly removed after a smooth landing. They were efficiently setup within a matter of minutes by our early abductees. With a hiss of air, the landing ramp was deployed. Hitting the ground with a thud as the metals met. Giving humanity its first real glimpse of extraterrestrial life. Along with giving them a glimpse of the larger universe they were becoming a part of.
With practiced precision, the armored monochromatic guards were the first ones were to depart the ship. Instilling a sense of wonderment in the crowd as they took their spots. As the ship Captain and the chosen ambassador of my people, I was the first to depart. Taking my place in the center, awaiting others to follow a pre-planned arrangement. All of those on the drop ship had done this lineup system multiple times over. Giving the entire motion a military-like precision as they fell to my left, right, and behind me. I watched the crowd carefully as I waited. Noticing that humanity had a sense of uniformity. There were some differences in skin color, weight, and several other things. Yet, they all shared a sense of formal  dress. Even those who peered behind what I believed were cameras shared this style of dress. Which led me to infer humanity had realized this moment was historic for their species.
Approaching the multi-language translator, I noticed a hush fall over the crowd. Leaning into the microphone, I said, “My name is Commander Zsurai. The other ambassadors will introduce once I’m done speaking. On behalf of the races of the Galatic Accord, welcome earthlings. Today marks the beginning of your cosmic future since your leaders’ decided to join us. That means a great many things for Earth and for the cosmos itself. For those who helped create this landing zone, you are the first of your people we extend an offer to join us once this meeting concludes. In time many more humans will be allowed to join us. Seeing things they have only dreamt of close up,” looking out for the crowd’s reaction. “In time, with aid from us, you will create your own vehicles of galactic travel. For now, I will open this meeting up for questions your leaders want to be answered, before letting my fellow ambassadors speak,” almost instinctively knowing they would all have questions. Some I could answer, and those that would be answered in time as the Galaxy welcomed them.
Minutes had passed before the questions started being shouted from the crowd in a chaotic manner. With slight amusement, I waited for them to calm some, as they organized their questions. I noticed that they were passing their questions on small pieces of paper to a singular woman. Upon a closer inspection, I noticed she had a small group of eight people around. Some looked to be her protectors as human weapons were visible on their hips. Others looked more advisory in their role as a small headset hung from their ears. With grace she stood up, causing the crowd to slowly fall into silence. She was followed closely as she walked forward approaching the translator that was placed nearby. Taking a few minutes familiarizing herself with it, before she began asking questions.

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