Random Musings # 5.1

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With great convincing and a slight show of force, we finally moved. Arriving at a forgotten underground structure, that was used by our predecessors. I could recognize the look of fear on the rescued children as we approached the hidden structure. Anemoi, Borelis, and Gibil looked at to me as the children stopped walking. It seemed a late realization, I was the closest thing these children had to a mother figure. Which seemed to be another strange thing to happen in my odd life. Turning to face the children, I gathered my thoughts with haste.

“I know the last thing any of you want is to go back underground. Which is understandable but, you have to trust us. This place belonged to our predecessors, in the last age of heroes. It kept them safe as they protected the world from itself. Now we use if for a similar purpose, please inside with us. We kept you safe and gave you freedom. All of us just want to be sure you’re safe from them. We can do that here,” I said. Trying to instill a sense of trust and sincerity with my tome. I just hoped they would believe me.

The young man who I followed out of the makeshift tunnel stepped forward. Looking at the other children, staying quiet like before. I knew they were capable of speaking, that much I was certain of.  Yet it gave me the late realization I didn’t know their names. We will have to do introductions once get inside. Get that over with, since there were at least six more of the resistance inside. Waiting for us to enter.

With a slight grunt, the young man finally said, “All of us followed them here with only a promise of freedom. She has kept that everyone. Might as well follow then inside. Better than heading back to that place,” pointing back into the distance.

They all looked at him unsure if they wanted to continue. Knowing the penalty for escape, I doubt they had much choice. With reluctance and slow steps, they made their way towards the structure.  I fell in behind them. Letting the others led them in, through a hidden door. Shutting the door behind me once, I was inside.

Borelis led them to the large open area in the front room. Shooting out a pulse of light at the ceiling. Where a piece of technology built by Borelis’ grandfather distributed the light.  Revealing the other six were sitting on old folding chairs waiting for us. Gazing past Gibil, Anemoi, Borelis to the ten children we rescued. Slightly surprised we had found that many, I guessed. Minerva and Chronos the two oldest resistance members approached the children. Examining each child with an intense silent gaze.

Minerva said “I wish I could tell that your lives will be simple and carefree but that would be a lie. As fugitives from the Order of Holy Light, you will have to fight for your existence. Yet, there is a key difference from your lives as orphans. You can use the natural gifts that flow through your blood without fearing punishment. In time proper control will be taught, as you stay with the resistance. Now for some brief introductions. You may call me Minerva, the man who also examined you is named Chronos. Frigar, and Pierce are the two on the left. The two on the right are Gensis and Lauriel. The ones who rescued you are Borelis, Gibil, Ameloi, and Eurios. Get to know all of us all as you develop your powers. You will work those here and many more of the resistance in time. Now please, introduce yourselves and describe your powers if they are activated.”

They exchanged quick glances at each other. Trying to figure out who would speak. From what I observed, I believed one would be speaking for all of them. Which seemed inefficient to me unless one of them had telepathic capabilities. Given how they kept close to each other at the orphanage it was a rational assumption.

Not to my surprise, the young man who was their makeshift leader stepped forward some. Looking to the others before speaking, “My name is Jalik. The names of my two siblings are Kali and Tryose,” pointing them out to the group. “We all share the gift if energy manipulation. The girl on the left end is named Sycar, who possess mental gifts and foresight. Next to her are twins Aulir and Triala. I’m not sure what their gifts are but Sycar can feel they posses turn. Pyrce the one to my right is able to manipulate and create fire. Gerek and Refleri are the two mimics who stand next to Pyrce. Lastly is Virse whose powers  I don’t know. That should be all of us, I think.”

Chronos said “that is an interesting mix of powers amount you children. Gibil, Ameloi give them a quick tour of this place. Along with food and drink if needed. I would suggest you get your rest when you can children. Borelis, Earois you will give Minerva and me a summary of the mission while that is being done. Those who are left make sure our permiter defenses are ready. I doubt they were followed but just encase,” dismissing everyone with a wave of his hand.

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