Random Musings #5.2

Previous Entries: Random Musings #5, Random Musings #5.1

Minerva, Borelis, Chronos, and I met half an hour after the others left. Inside a pocket dimension, Chronos created, where time passed slower compared to reality.

Chronos said “The number of gifted children you found in one orphanage is concerning. Despite how the order despises those like us, it seems improbable they were oblivious to the number of potential powers they had. Even our best sympathizers would find that almost impossible. Which means we need to either attack them once their alerted state fades, or we need to infiltrate them and gather intel. Both plans are not without risk. Borelis you reconned the facility before everything happened. Did you notice anything that seemed out of place? Something that indicated there is something coming on the horizon?”

Borelis said “I dod notice it looked like they were either excavating something or building something. It was oddly well guarded for some reason. I could search the archives to see if something happened there. However, I assumed it had something to do with their religious nothings then with heroes. Now it seems I may have been wrong.”

Chronos picked at his long gray beard, almost as if he knew something. It was easy to tell for me and the others, as he did it often. The only one who seemed oblivious to it was himself as if it was a habit.

“That is perplexing Borelis, be quick but through when you search our archives,” clearing his throat slightly. “Earios did you overhear or notice anything about this undercover,” he asked.

I responded “There were a few young children who disappeared for almost two full days when I was there.  Only to return depleted, looking more dead than alive. They were covered in bruises and had a few strange marks around their neck, forehead, wrists, waist, and ankles. I couldn’t get close enough to tell but they didn’t look like burns. The matriarch and other members of the order didn’t care much about the marks. I asked a few of the other orphans about them only to nonsense in return. Yet they all seemed afraid of getting picked themselves,” wondering if I would end up returning to the orphanage soon.

Minerva said “Given both of your reports, I’m starting to wonder if an old nemesis of ours is still alive. Earios did you see who picked out the children at all,” tapping her fingers against her hand impatiently.

I responded “Barely, the goons usually grabbed the children. The only aspect saw outside of them was a scarred, old, crippled looking person in a stained white coat. Whoever he was, there were always guards around them. I assumed he was someone of importance to the order.”

Minerva exchanged a lingering glance at Chronos.  Almost as if they were having a mental conversation with someone, or something relating to their past. In silence, Borelis and I waited for them to say something. A plan, orders, anything to give me a sense on where to procede from here.

After five minutes of complete silence, Minerva said “Borelis search the archives for anything about that location. Earois get some rest and a shower. You will be training Jaliki, Kali, and Tyrose once you wake. Those three are stronger than they know, and it is time for them to learn. At some point tomorrow, you will be summoned once we have a plan and more information on that facility.”

Chronos nodded destroying this time bubble he created. “The other childer will be trained soon. Both of you try to keep an eye on them when you can. You never know how much the Order beat into them, ” dismissing us once again with a wave of his hands.


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