Random Musings #5.3

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The sun had barely begun to blanket the land by the time I crawled out of bed. Still exhausted, buy my infiltration into the orphanage had forced upon me a poor sleep cycle. I know it would take some time to break the cycle. Yet I sense I would have to. It would depend on Chronos and Minerva’s plan.

After a quick bite to eat, I looked around for the three I was told to train. Having a gut instinct I would find them together.Along with the other rescued children as they adjusted to having freedom. Even if that meant the children would have to fight to keep it.

It took me ten minutes to find them in the quarters we use for housing guests.  The younger children still asleep in their beds. I had to wonder if that was a first for them. Yet the older ones were awake looking more recharged than I felt. Jaliki, Kali, Tyrose stood looking around. A bewildered look on their faces, like this, was only a dream.

Whistling sharply to get their attention, “You three,” pointing them out. “Follow me to the training room with haste. It is time to see what you are capable of. A light breakfast will be given to you once you are there. I’m not sure who is training the other seven of you. Minerva and Chronos will decide that” turning face before walking out. Hiding my slight guilt I had to be so demanding of them. Yet, the demand would ensure they would keep their freedom as they grew up.

Leading them down the stone stairs, the four of us entered the training area. Flipping on the dimmer that would keep us hidden as IU taught them to explore their gifts. Along with reducing what they were fully capable of for safety reasons.

Stepping into the middle of the open room, I waited as they took the remaining bites of breakfast. Trying to figure out the best way to them to come to terms with who they are, and what they are capable of doing.  Breaking through years of brainwashing by the order would be their biggest obstacle on the way to that.

Noticing they had finished eating I said “Each one of you will demonstrate something simple with your power. This will help give me an idea of where to start. I assume given your age difference that will vary. Start one at a time, and move down the line until everyone has gone once.” After a few minutes of indecision, I realized I would have to pick who would start. ” Tyrose will start since he appears to be the youngest.”

He jumped slightly out of surprise, giving the others a quick glance.  Taking a deep breath with his whole body several times, before taking several tentative steps. Almost as if he was afraid of who he truly was, afraid of losing himself to the power. This could prove to be more complicated than I originally thought. Especially if they all had this mental hand up. I may have to ask Minerva for her help if that proved the case.

Tyrose said “I’m ready to try,” taking another deep breath. Moving his hands to the center of his chest in the process. Letting his palms collide as if he was going to clap his hands. Remaining motionless as the room began to cool down. Drawing the heat towards him, causing a slight blue aura around him. Releasing it in a series of small concentric waves all around him. Allowing the heat to return to the room in the process.

Making some quick mental notes I said, “Next.”

Tyrose nodded before making his way back to his siblings. Kali looked at Jaliki before walking forward with reluctance. Glancing up at tyrose a little as he passed her.  Looking at them both as she took Tyrose’s spot. A mix of nervousness, fear, reluctance, and excitement covered her face.

Observing her closely I waited with her siblings. Kali’s gaze focused on the floor more than the three of us. It looked as if she rapidly reciting something under her breath. Holding back her siblings from interfering or aiding her, I began to notice the air was twinkling around her.  The twinkle began to expand as it intensified. Growing a few feet in seconds before solidifying into a dome. As the dome became solid the twinkle faded giving the dome a pale blue color. I notice Kali start to stumble some the more she willed it together.

I shouted “Kali let the dome fall. That is enough of a demonstration,” placing my hands on my side. “Go help her before she loses control.” Tyrose gave me a weary glance before running towards her. Jaliki was already a few steps ahead of him. Both of them acting out brotherly instinct, as they managed to pass through the dome.

I remained still watching all three of them. It appeared as if they were absorbing some the energy to ease Kali’s burden. As they did, the dome began to falter. Flickering out of existence as Kali’s knees buckled.Forcing her to the ground. She waved them both aside as she stood up.

With a slight protest, Tyrose helped her hobble back over. Jaliki remained there knowing he was up next. Remaining still until his siblings were out of harm’s way before he began. Focused more on the task ahead, than his sister’s health for the moment.

Giving me a brief glance before beginning his demonstration. With a quick breath, Jaliki began to create floating horizontal ring constructed of small balls around his waist. Each ball growing to the size of an orange. All of them shared a similar blue glow that his siblings possessed. With obvious ease he let them spin around him. Letting them float away from without losing the ring appearance.

I shouted “Enough Jaliki. End your demonstration and join your siblings,” wondering if Chronos’ knew more about these three then he revealed. I would have to learn about their pre-capture life before reporting to Minerva and Chronos. It may help explain something about what they each choose to manifest. Waiting for Jaliki to step within earshot before speaking more “All of you choose a different display, with some degree of ease. Suggesting to me you were trained before the Order of Holy Light found you. I’m curious to see if you can create anything more complicated but that will have to wait until I find out more about you childhood. Along with ages as well, it will determine a few things as you stay here,” believing Minerva and Chronos would like to know those as well.

Jaliki said “Our ages are easier to explain than our childhood. Kali is sixteen, Tryose is fourteen, and I’m twenty. The three of us were taken when I was fourteen. Our parents forced our powers to activate at a young age despite being in hiding. Dad always told me it was to keep us out of the Order’s grip. Those words fell flat when the order found us after they killed them. I try to avoid recalling that day, it just brings up painful memories.”

I nodded, managing to confirm some of my suspicions about them. Perhaps they had more control than it initially appeared. I doubted the Order would install dampeners in an isolated orphanage. Maybe Chronos and Minerva had strong rights if any of the other orphans had training before they were stolen from the streets.

The sound of encroaching footsteps from behind me, made me turn my head slightly. Noticing Genesis, Chronos, Minerva, and Pierce coming down the stairs.  I couldn’t tell if that was a bad thing or now. Did they watch the training session?”

“Truly you are Manitor’s children. Earolis and I will be working with the three of you at an accelerated rate. We will need you ready for upcoming events. To do this without killing us Chronos has come with a plan,” Minerva said as she walked forward, stopping a few steps away. “Now let us get you ready for combat. Pierce start the countdown right as Chronos creates the pocket dimension,” giving a quick nod to Chronos.

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