Random Musings #5.4

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Two days had passed on the outside world, by the time we ended the exhausting training pace. My entire body ached as the eight of us climbed up the stairs. A collective groan escaped all of us as we managed to sit down in the mess. The scent of cooking food hit us hard. Despite my exhaustion, I was famished. After eating nothing but dried out protein bars for two days.

All eight of us had devoured the food that was brought out to us. What little remained was rapidly brought back into the kitchen. Given the accelerated training pace and the small feast that followed I was eager to rest. Knowing Chronos and Minerva would share their plan before that would happen.

Barely noticing Gibil or Borelis as they approached with something in hand. Managing to stay standing as they unrolled it on the table. Pinning it down before looking to Chronos and Minerva. Both of them giving a faint nod before leaning in towards the table slowly.

Borelis said “My visit to the archives confirmed some of Chronos’ suspicion. Before the Order of Holy Light infected the world with its religion, there was a classified base there for some unknown government. There is little in the archive about what was done there but, I doubt it was noble. The only other things I found in the archive revealed three meteors crashed into the area. There could be a connection but I’m not sure what it could be. A more recent recon revealed the order has increased their guards and is still on high alert. ”

Minerva said “That is to be expected Borelis. Hopefully, they haven’t found anything the previous inhabitants left behind. Even then we can attack the armory and power source first. Once the distraction is fully in place.”

Chronos said “It seems I may have to make a slight alteration to the plan. There is a little chance we have time to get reinforcements by here dusk tomorrow,” taking the time to think for a few seconds. “We will still divide and conqueror. Distracting the guards all to the main gate, which Borelis and Loriel will handle. Pierce, you will stay in the shadows and keep them safe if any of them get suspicious of them.Frigar and Earois, I will need you both to create the entrance for the other two groups. One on the east, and one on the west side. You will follow once the group enters, but don’t block off the tunnel. We will need an escape if this doesn’t go according to plan. The group on the east will be Frigar, Genesis, Gibil, and I. While the group on the west will be Earois, Minerva, Kali, and Jaliki. Anyone left here will be tasked with guarding the base. If things don’t go according to plan we will meet at the safe house hidden in the mountains. Also, anyone that needs equipment made or repaired see Genesis after you are dismissed.  Anything to add Minerva?”

Minerva responded “For most of us this is something you have heard my say before. This mission is important and will require teamwork and coordination. If you must break off from the group bring someone with you. They will be you back up if you run into something you can’t handle. We may have super-human powers but we aren’t heroes like our forebearers; we are rebels. Also if you need help try to shout or run if you can. Do try to remember both of those in combat. That is all for now. Those that trained before this meal, you are on a much-earned rest period. Everyone else makes preparations for the mission. You are dismissed,” Standing up as she snapped her fingers twice in quick succession.

With a grunt I managed to stand, pushing myself up using the table. Hearing no questions about the plan, I took slow labored steps towards my quarters. In desperate need of sleep and a shower.

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