Random Musings #5.7

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Dusk began to fall as the orphanage appeared on the horizon. Looking angelic in front of the setting sun, despite what hides inside. A strange sense of excitement, nervousness, and brooding lingered over us. As we waited for dusk to hide our approach. Keeping the element of surprise in our favor for the moment.

Ten minutes had passed before dusk had fallen enough for us to approach. Following the plan, we broke into groups in the process. I led Minerva, Kali, and Jaliki to the west wall.  Staying close to the wall to avoid any detection. Finding a spot near the middle, I waited for the distraction to begin. Manipulating the earth and stone in the wall with care and patience.

Minerva tapped my right shoulder. Without turning my head I saw Borelis and Lauriel had created a dazzling light show. I waited a few minutes before shaping the tunnel before me. Feeling the cold stone and dirt begin to shift out of place. Trying my best not be obvious in what I was doing.

Minutes later we rushed inside, on high alert. Finding a lucky spot of cover behind one of the buildings. Minerva taking the lead as she peered around the corner. Leaning back into cover before whisper “It is clear for now. Let’s go find the power supply and shut it down why they are distracted.Hopefully, that will bring the matriarch out. Along with any additional guards. We move on my mark,” getting ready to sprint away.

Counting to three, we ran out of cover. Following her towards the south side of the facility. Being fired on from someone on our right side in the process. Quickly creating a makeshift box around us. Kneeling behind it I scanned the area quickly. Trying to figure the location of who was firing on us.

Managing to find someone who had taken position behind a couple barrels between buildings. Barely visible if it wasn’t for the muzzle flash of their weapon. Without thinking I created a cloud of pebbles around us. Shooting them off as fast as I could toward the barrels. Stopping the gunfire after a few seconds. Hoping the other nearby guards were still focused on the light-show.

Minerva commanded ” Make a rock cloud around us Earolis. We need to stay on schedule. There is little time to wait,” jumping over the barrier before breaking into a run.

With slight annoyance, I shaped the barrier into a cloud of rocks. Letting Kali and Jaliki run ahead as I obscured us from the rear. Expanding the cloud some to deceive our enemies. Wanting Minerva to use some of her power to aid me.

I barely saw them run into the power station before being shot at again. Quickly recreating my cover I kneeled behind it. Creating more makeshift cover around the building to buy the three of them time as they did their job. Hoping it wouldn’t take long as I still didn’t see who was firing at me.

Noticing a small group of guards, dressed in white coming this way. All of them appears to be heavily armed, and tough as steel. Staying crouched, I waited for them to get closer. Knowing I needed them to get closer to prevent me from overexerting myself. The distance was a massive drain on my power, despite five years of training to overcome it.

The firing rate increased, filling the air with the sound of gunshots. Staying hidden, I hoped the noise would catch Minerva’s, Kali’s, or Jaliki’s attention in the meantime. Trying to think of distraction before they managed to penetrate my cover.

Closing my eyes, I focused on the approaching noise. Trying to get a precise location from their footsteps. Managing to find them, I began to slow down their approach. Creating subtle hills on the ground in an attempt to trip them. While quickly thinking of a more offensive idea.

Knowing they were close to my postion, I gave in and let my insticnt guide me. Letting the earth incase my body in an armor made of stone. Leaping over the barrier, I released a shockwave as I landed. Charging towards them intent on surviving. Feeling the impact of their bullets as they began to slow down. Confident I could prevent them from escaping I released short bursts of spear like rocks. Covering the area around the best I could. Stopping myself as the bombardment of gunshots went quiet.

Regaining a sense of control as I noticed the lights die away. The other three in my group certainly took their sweet time. Choosing to stay in this protective shell I waited for them. Sensing things were beginning to turn in our favor, just as the night barely begins.


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