Random Musings #7.5

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After about an hour of struggling to put on the hazmat suits, we did a final check of them. Making our way past the double doors, ready to survive. A tight grip on our various weapons, as we stepped forward.

Being greeted by flickering lights in a vast hallway. The hallway itself seemed to have its own set of defenses. Made up of over-turned hospital beds, fallen lights, and what looked like a random assortment of carts filled with boxes. I couldn’t tell if the boxes were empty or filled. Let alone what they may contain. If Beth had any ideas she didn’t say. Strangely enough, it didn’t look like of the doors were barricaded from the other side. PArt of me was curious to see if the room contained any supplies. While half of me realized that staying on point was best for now.  Given how Martin wanted us to find the two members of his group as well. I doubt they would have taken shelter in rooms this close to the door but I could be wrong. God, I hoped I was wrong.

Each door I passed close to, I peeked inside. Seeing little to indicate the doors had been recently opened. Noticing little that seemed out of place given what may have happened here. Yet, when I something in my peripheral vision near the back corner of the last door.

I said “Stop guys, I think there is something in that room. Pretty sure I saw something in the back corner,” watching Beth stop mid-step.

Beth turned slowly on her planted foot. Stepping back towards the door carefully. Peering through the small window near the center of the door. Hopefully noticing the same thing, I did.

Beth said “That can’t be. Nothing should be past those doors unless it somehow,” going silent for a few seconds. “Found a place to hide when the government ordered the purging. Try to be quiet both of you, and don’t approach it. Stay behind me, but close to the door,” pushing the door open slowly. Making the door release a harsh squeak in the process.

The movie was enough to attract the thing’s attention. Releasing a strange, guttural howl. The howl getting louder as the thing approached the door. Fighting the urge to move much, I tightened my grip on my bat. Waiting to swing hard if need as stood just the side of the doorway. Keeping this thing from seeing me, I hoped.

Strangely enough from what I could tell Beth had little reaction to the howl as it stopped. Peeking around the door slowly, I saw something almost demon like in appearance. Yet what, at the same time there something human there. The fearsome looking beast stopped, gazing at Beth. Blinking its hellfire orange eye, almost as if it recognized her.  Did she have any idea what this thing was?

Somehow this thing managed to say “Go away,” in a deep trembling voice. Yet from what I could see it didn’t appear possible.

Beth said “Gaberial,…” reaching out towards the creature. “I figured they killed you when you failed to show. Oh, Gaberial how did this happen?”

The creature said nothing. Instead, pointing to something I couldn’t see. Could it be possible that this thing was at one point a doctor? What could force someone to do something like this to themselves?

Beth said “You did this to save yourself from dying. The other subjects never survived the first-hour Gaberial,” waving us forward some. “Please stay calm both of you. I need to thing without having to worry about you killing each other.”

With slow steps forward, I managed to see more of the room. Along with more of this strange abomination. It had managed to retain some of it formerly human body, except with stone gray skin. With the dim light, it was hard to tell much about this things arms and legs. If it was anything like the creatures, they would have sharp talons, instead of fingers and toes. The face was different, however. It seemed to have a mouth, though I couldn’t tell how it worked. As I made observations, I could feel it watching me. This creature even managed to have some semblance of the creatures’ wings. Except though they appeared to be almost batlike, as they expanded over the shoulders.  Glancing past the creature I saw, I blood-stained wheelchair. The back padding was pierced by three bullet holes. Both barely visible if not for the small lantern that hung above it.  Could this thing be an ally, or just a more lethal predator?

Beth said “This changes things Gaberial if you retained that brilliant mind you had. I will have to figure that out later. We are searching for two people and medical supplies. They should have passed this way, I just hope they didn’t get lost. Gaberial please stay here, and stay hidden. I will return as soon as I can.”

The strange man-beast thing whimpered a little. Walking off into the back corner of the room. Crouching as if to hide better. It seems not even the apocalypse can take away reality’s ability to surprise you. Even though I imagine Max and me had several questions for Beth about her past. Was she more than she appeared? How much of what really happened here did she know? Was she somehow responsible?


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