Random Musings #7.6

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It took us longer than I expected before finding the medical supplies, in this semi-abandoned hospital. We still hadn’t found any signs of the others Martin sent ahead of us. Not even as much as a burst of static from the makeshift radio.

I commented “We found the supplies. Should we radio that back before trying to to find the others,” reaching for the device before realizing I left it in my pocket under the hazmat suit. “Dammit, the radio is inside my back pocket. I’m sure shouting would attract attention but, maybe not the attention we are looking for.”

Beth said”Probably not. Let’s check the nearby rooms instead. I give them precise instructions on where the supplies were. They should be nearby I hope. Max see if you can a cart or something we can use to move the supplies. I will look over them once I have some better light,” walking towards the adjacent wall. “Don’t either of you stray too far from that door. I would prefer to go back soon. Even if we don’t find the others.”

After fifteen minutes of fevered searching, I found no signs of recent activity. Yet, I managed to find something unexpected in one of the unlocked rooms. A laundry cart filled with army green totes. The American flag was imposed on top of them, under a layer of dust.

Pushing it front of me I saw Max had found a makeshift cart. Given what we had to navigate through on the way here, a narrow rolling filing cabinet was practical. I looked around quickly for Beth, hoping she followed her own instruction. Steering the cart to the nearby wall, I caught my breath. Feeling slightly annoyed, for not pulling the radio out before suiting up.

Max said “I would find Beth, Jack. It shouldn’t be much longer until this is full. She went into one of the rooms last I saw, on the right side of this door. Try to be quick, this place is starting to creep me out.”

I nodded before sprinting off to perform a quick search for Beth. Moving between the rooms within a few minutes of each other. Managing to find Beth in the fourth room, I searched. She was bent over a body. What she was doing I couldn’t tell.

Tapping my foot three times in quick succession. ” I found no signs of anyone else in my search. Ready to go, Beth,” I asked. Eager to get out of here myself.

Beth answered “I unfortunately did,” stepping aside of the body. Revealing two people who looked exhausted, but alive. “These were the two Martin sent us. From what I can tell they fell over something hard. Managing to severely damage their legs, possibly broken knees and ankles. They appear infection free, from the looks of it. We need to get them up and moving before leaving. Once get them both on moving, and have a better light I will examine them more. Gather their packs and hand them to Max. It will take two of us lift them one at a time. Check the closet for crutches. We will be slower but, that should allow them to move easier.”

I nodded, before heading out the door towards max. Stepping past him into the rummaged supply room. Finding crutches tucked in the back right corner, easy to access. They were a little rusty but I didn’t see a problem with that. Pulling out two of them, I ran back to the other room.

Beth had banged both of them while I was gone. Walking over to Beth I waited impatiently. Sensing all of us were eager to leave before the lights flickered out for the last time.

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