Random Musings #7.7

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After about four hours of tedious and careful navigation we managed to get the five of us passed the last barricade. With Max stuck in front, he pushed the door open. Pushing the medical supply cart against the door so it would stay there. The two crippled people we found were let through first. With hast I followed behind them, pushing the laundry cart forward once they were out of the way. Setting it against the wall, so Beth and Max could finally get through.

With a sigh of relief when the door finally shut. Being careful as I could, I removed the hazmat suit. Letting it drop like a second skin before helping Beth and Max do the same. We agreed on the way here to remove them, seeing little benefit in causing a panic. Along with agreeing to lock the odd crates, I found in a nearby room. Until we could get them open and see what they may contain.

In silence, I let Beth, Max, and the two cripples go. Not waiting long as I steered the laundry cart into the first open door. Finding the room almost empty, outside of a bed and some beaten-up folding chairs. Carefully, pushing the cart into the far side of the room, before looking for a closet. Hoping I could find a bed sheet to cover it up. With haste, I sprinted to the closet. Pulling the door open, ransacking it until I found a couple of folded sheets.  With them, in hand, I sprinted back over to the cart. Tossing them over it quickly, letting the sheet unfold. Adjusting them both until the obscured the cart and its content. Satisfied, I left the room. Pulling the door shut, to prevent any suspicion. Running to rejoin the others before they got far.

Managing to find them a few steps away from the common resting area. Taking the time to slow, before colliding with them. Catching my breath in the process as they stopped for a few seconds. I had hoped all of us entering at once would ease any suspicions Martin, or the others in his group.

Together we walked inside slowly, appearing successful with both parts of Martin’s task. Yet, I failed to see Martin the room. From the looks of it, the room was mostly empty outside of the injured. Where did everyone go? What had happened when we were gone?

A series of faint but rapid pops from above told me something bad. Running around the two cripples, I chased the sound. Worried about the members of Martin’s group, and my own. Sensing both Max and Beth were following behind me.

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