About Me

Well, when I was younger I wanted to be writer or power ranger from what I recall.Growing up I read constantly, anything that sparked my interest before slowly starting to write. Over time my interests changed, but my love of the written word remained.It seemed the more I grew up the more I wrote, attempting to harness my skill, much to the dismay of some of my English teachers. I originally went to college for mechanical engineering but dropped out to financial reasons beyond my control.Going through college I wrote when I could since that has always been a passion.Doing my best to keep my grades up as I worked through school.

I spend my free time writing, reading and mentoring my local FIRST robotics team. Outside of that, I collect comics, as well as books. Which sometimes makes my bookshelf look like a version of Jenga, haha.
My first book The Nightshadow Chronicles is available through B & N, amazon, google play and other major ebook retailers.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Christopher. Interesting stuff and it looks like you write in a genre I haven’t delved into yet – and I knew there was one out there.
    I’m now following, so although I’ll be off the radar for a week or two, I’ll get back.
    Keep the ink flowing my friend.


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