Bleak Days and Devouring Nights: Chapter 2, A bleak new day

Sunlight was almost non-existent as I woke after surviving another night. My hand steel rested on a bar of hardened steel, I had stolen out of a construction van that was abandoned near by. Pulling blackout curtains aside, I looked up from the fourth floor. Dark, storm clouds circled the old apartment building, blocking any sunlight that may come through. A few more pieces were picked off the cars that were parked in front of my building. Now only bumpers and side doors seemed to remain. The bloodied remains of something rested under one of the axles that was free of its tire. It looked like it was human, from where I stood.

The gruesome sight did little to ruin my appetite. My food may have been limited. I had little desire to attract the Devourers by the scent of cooking food.  In the early days I had seen what happened when people were brave or foolish enough to cook food. The Devourers descended on the building by the dozen. I watched in slight disgust and horror, as the screams of the people inside carried in the wind. The Devourers came out with the same haste they descended on the building. Their marble white skinned now painted red, with blood.

It still made my skin crawl, at the memory. Slight goosebumps appeared on my arm as I made my way over to the make shift kitchen. Grabbing a bag of hickory smoked jerky, I pulled out a few pieces before resealing the bag. It was tough but the amount of preservatives in it made it last.  I had enough bags of it, for me to prevent starvation for another couple weeks. Between that and some other food I had found in the market nearby, I would survive.

Not bothering to shower, I changed into a pair of jeans. I grabbed a black long sleeve shirt, and I jacket I cut open and placed in small plates of scrap metal. It may have been heavy, but help keep me alive. I would prefer to live another day than to be eaten alive.  Even the shoes I wore, had steel toes sewn into them.

Once dressed I grabbed a nail gun I had pulled out of the construction car, when I took the beam of hardened steel. It may not have the same penetration as a handgun, but it was much quieter.  Ammo for it was easier to find, for now at least.  It helped that most of the living people I had come in contact with, seemed to think it was harmless. They were wrong in that respect. Even the creatures didn’t seem to like it. I remember the strange scream, that one of them emitted when I shot into the knee of them. The scream was primal, and was as loud as a thunderclap.  I had never heard anything so strange. Honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure if I soiled myself when I heard it. I had hoped it was sweat though.

Taking the last night of the jerky, I checked the safety on the nail gun. It was still on, which was good. Slinging the strap over my shoulder, I walked to grab the bar of re-bar.  Silently I locked all the doors and windows, to the small apartment I took over during the early days of the devouring. Grabbing the book-bag I kept by the door I left the apartment, locking the door behind me. Fortunately for me one of the previous tenants of the building had barred this floor, by placing a few solid pieces of wood across the staircase door. Slipping out the fire escape window, I climbed up towards the rooftop.

Small patches of sunlight could be seen over the city. It felt like it was safe enough to explore . The creatures seemed to fear and despise sunlight. I had yet to see one of them out in the sun. Maybe I could find a way to use that against them. It would be a useful weapon, if I could figure what they feared about it.

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