Six Sentence Stories #11-#20

Six Sentence Stories #11

Growing up,I had always heard tales of the voices of the forest. According to the tales the voices belonged to spirits and creatures of the forest. Now as I look for my daughter, in the forest only being guided by the light of the stars and a the flame of a torch. I shouted “Helen, where are you?” My voice echoed off the trees, and came back to me. Another voice echoed back “Your daughter is ours.”

Six Sentence Stories #12

Silently,  I walked across the wasteland that my world had become. Broken and ransacked buildings, and rusted  cars filled with skeletons were all I ever seem to find. Nature had reclaimed some of the world, as trees sprouted up acting as natural supports for some of the ruined buildings. That was all I ever seemed to find for life, yet part of me hoped there were other survivors somewhere. Trying to break the silence I whistled some as I walked up a set of stairs. Hopefully the noise would draw something or someone out of hiding.

Six Sentence Stories #13

Every night the flashbacks of what I did to survive came back to me in my dreams. The people I had killed. Some fought back as I beat them with a baseball bat or tried to shot at them with a pistol. Others I had taken by surprise, and used a knife to slit their throats. In my heart I know it was necessary to survive. Yet, why did these memories haunt me so?

Six Sentence Stories #14

They told me life in service to the crown and sword, was a life of honor. Part of that was true, even if it was an exaggerated truth. In my years I have served as a guardian, a soldier, and an executioner. I saw honor in being a guardian to the crown, and noble families, there was even some honor in being soldier. However if there was honor in being an executioner, I failed to see it. Even I mainly killed criminals, I saw no honor in killing a man who had served the crown loyally until he failed only once.

Six Sentence Stories #15

I still remember the day when the sky burned. That was almost a decade ago. Now humanity lives in a world of perpetual dusk. Humanity has done its best to survive, in this dark world. Most have taken shelter, in old buildings living in a community of iron. Others have taken a more savage approach, living only by the gun.

Six Sentence Stories #16

Watching the city from the rooftops, I waited for sounds of distress. The city had been quite over the past few days, which meant something big was coming. In my years of watching over and protecting my city, I had learned one thing. Villains rarely ever take a break from crime or planning crimes. Even the few friends I had in blue had revealed to me whispers, that a few villains have organized for some reason. Hopefully, they were not plotting my demise for stopping so many of them over the years.

Six Sentence Stories #17

When I was being trained, I was told, “An assassin must the grace of a dancer and the cold heart of an executioner.” Most of me took that to heart, and mind making it my dogma as I took lives. That was until I was ordered to kill, a child. A little girl who was arranged to be a bride of peace. As I was about to leap from the rooftop, I overheard a conversation that made me shiver. They payed the standard fee for a kill, in order to start the drums of war once again.

Six Sentence Stories #18

After the bombs fell, the city was consumed by fire, followed by smoke, darkness, and silence. Whatever civilization existed before became nothing more than a memory as savagery began to take over. That is when I first noticed strange things in the smoke. They looked human, but as strangely as they moved I doubted they were human. I was walking around the city scavenging for food, when I first saw what the figures in the smoke.  They were monsters, that appeared to have come from the deepest nightmares of the human psyche.

Six Sentence Stories #19

I watched as my comrades fell, before the Gigour. A monster that combined the body of a scorpion and a dragon. I’m not sure what I found more fearsome, its mighty wide pincers or the flame that was blasted out between them. With my spear at the ready I waited, ready to be thrown when I got the opening. I knew I would lose the spear, but given that the shaft was filled with small bundles of explosive powder it was the easiest way to kill this thing.  As it opened its maw, to burn down my comrades, I released my spear with a mighty throw.

Six Sentence Stories #20

Whispers of an unknown voice echoed in the shadows as I walked through an old ghost town. From what I have read the town in old history books, the town was abandoned when all the citizens of the town vanished . Rusted remnants of old mining equipment rested in silence on the old dirt paths that led in and out of the town. The only other way out of town was an old set of root covered railroad tracks. I had yet to find any bodies, or any signs of what caused them to vanish. The only strange thing, I found was a hexagonal disc made of gold, and engraved with strange, almost alien symbols.

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