Well this update will come in two parts, writing progress and website/blog updates.

Update 1: Well given the on and off heavy rain we have received where I live. It gave me time to reach and surpass my 60000 word goal for Rise. (does a little dance of joy) Also I started working a new story idea currently named “Anarchy.” It takes the idea of being a superhero and gives a massive twist.

Update 2: I have moved my about me to the  menu on my blog. Also I have  added a book reviews section for books, I have reviewed in the past. Will work on updating that as needed, once I finish a book. Hopefully I can get a “My works”  built in the menu and “Archives” tab on the side. I will hopefully will work on getting a email update system/bank set up some time in the future.

Until I post again. I wish you all well.

Greetings world

My name is Christopher Scott and I’m an aspiring author. I will be using this and wattpad to post updates and previews on my progress with my works. Also I will most likely post book reviews of what I’m reading as well. If anyone needs tips on writing, just ask. I will do my best to answer in an efficient manner.

Keep in mind this site is still in progress, so please be patient. I will try my best to follow back all who follow me.