Cherished Blogfest 2016: A trifecta of treasured things

Last year I shared my love for comic books, and books as one of the three posts I did for this. Unfortunately when I did that, I was in the middle of painting and remodeling my room making the pictures look sloppy, and unorganized.  In some ways this is almost an amendment to last years post. Given for this year my cherished object, is my bookshelves.



I went through and mounted the brackets and shelving myself. Which is part of the reason I cherish them, ignoring what is on them for the moment.  Part of it is a sense of pride in at how they came out.The first reason of three I chose for the Cherished Blogfest.

While there are some knickknacks that I do enjoy having. Some of which are a clear representation of geekier side. Take the Darth Vader Bobble-head seen early on in the first gif for example. I remember getting that my junior year of high school, when I went to New York for a robotics competition. Others are more representative of my love of strange, dark things.The various sized skulls seen in both gifs, represent my love of strange, dark things.  Even some things like the Jack Skellingtion Bobble-head, and the small BeetleJuice picture are a balanced representation of both things. That is the second reason for my choice.

Then you have things like the three larger framed pictures in the second gif. I remember getting those at the first comic convention I went to. While that was a blast, I think that was when I realized I enjoyed being a nerd/geek. That I felt no shame in being one, which made me feel a sense of peace. I believe that is why I treasure them, and the memories. This it the final reason out of the three.

Originally I planned to do a bookshelf_tour_pt2video style tour, but realized two things the more I thought about. The first being, that could make a few hour video in its own right. While the second on is, my current WordPress plan doesn’t allow me to upload videos. Of course it didn’t help that I shot the first video upside down. Upside to that mistake, is I found out how to make gifs.


Concluding July

9th doctor grinning idea

I could say July has been unproductive but that would be a lie. Honestly between the Cherished Blogfest this past weekend, getting my room repainted, and concluding the writing of Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death,) the month has been productive.

Usually in the beginning of each month I post my goals for the month under my Monthly Sum-ups and Goals for the month. For this month they were these:

  1. Look into making an author Facebook and Google plus account
  2. Finish and start editing Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death)
  3. Redraw the map with more detail and insert it into the first draft
  4. Look into getting a cover made for it
  5. Make a final synopsis, and a query letter for publishers
  6. Create an email list
  7. Get to 15000 words in Anarchy
  8. Reach 100 followers on here
  9. Reach 500 to 750 followers on Twitter

While I may not have got all my goals accomplished, I feel content with how much I have managed to get down in thirty days.  Of course getting my room painted and remodeled some took up more time than I expected caused some delay. Ah, the great joy of having to wait for paint to dry.

Top posts for the month:

  1. Cherished Blogfest: What is my cherished object?
  2. cherished-blogfest-second-round-of-treasured-objects
  3. Someone bring me some inspiration and some coffee, please
  4. Creative Resurgence
  5. Cherished Blogfest: Final day of cherished objects

Some slight news, I now do posts at Graphic policy as well. I cover comics books, and science and fantasy shows. Hopefully next month will be just as productive.

Cherished Blogfest: final day of treasured objects

After two days about posting about my love of music, it took me some thought to figure out what to post about for the third day. Than I realized it was something so simple, yet such a natural part of my life for so long I over looked it. I’m imagetalking about my love of comic books and books.  While my collection may not be large, nor is it small.

My comic book collection is a mix of publishers and creators some well known, others hide in obscurity. Take the comics in the center and on the left end. While Neil Gaiman is well known as an author, the two books I pictured that grace his name on the covers are relatively unknown. That is a little bit of a surprise since the comics briefly published under that label came from well known individuals including Leonard Nimoy.

imageOf course that being said I own others written or created by well known names, such as Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Todd McFarlane, and many others. Some of them from well known publishers like Marvel,DC, Dark Horse, and Image. While most of the collection I have was stuff I purchased myself, I still cherish the stories and the worlds within. Whether the worlds are dark, like the worlds of, Batman, Spawn, or Hellboy. Even if they are full of characters who are strange such Sandman, Constaine, Death, and so many others. While some may argue that comics books and superheroes are meant for children, I disagree. Pictured below are some of my other favorites I picked out of my collection to display.

image image image image image image image image

imageHonestly like most writers, I love books. Maybe a little too much at times, haha. Part of that is I was an strange and shy growing up. I almost always had a book on me growing up. Sometimes to the complaint of my teachers, haha. The odd thing I hated reading books for class for the most part outside of a few books.  I always preferred to read something that actually sounded interesting instead of something that sounded predictable, dry, and boring. I despised being forced to slow down to keep up with the rest of the class, which made the books even more boring than they should have been.

 Despite all that I still grew up to love books. While some of my favorite authors are well known, for others it is hard to tell.  Take Christopher Paolini for example. His Inheritance series is well known for fantasy fans but outside of fans of that genre I find it doubtful he is known.  However authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, or Michael Crichton are authors whose name is well known.   Even writers like Guillermo del Toro may have some degree of  recognition for his  name for his movies Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Orphanage, and Hellboy. His novels co-written with Chuck Hogan, titled the Strain Trilogy are defiantly less known. They are great reads for any fans of horror novels, and now have a tv show with the same name, which is also really good.


I believe some of the reason, I cherish books is they take you to new worlds. Even though my collection of novels, and comics books, and graphic novels may seem like a waste to some people. I love the adventures and worlds they transport you two. From worlds of magic and dragons, to worlds of monsters and killers, to worlds where mankind and aliens meet for the first time, to worlds filled with superheros and super-villains.  Sometimes my love of books makes me wish I lived a giant library filled with books from my favorite authors, writers I have never heard of, and any book that would be a good for read. Below are some more pictures of books I own. I apologize in advance if some of them are heard to read. My bookshelves are being moved around at the moment.

image image image image

Cherished Blogfest: second round of treasured objects

imageIn my first post for the Cherished Blogfest, I talked my love of music. For my second post I’m continuing that theme, but for different reasons. Some of it is the memories that I associate with discovering some of the bands, or memories of who gave me the CDs, or some of the friendships I have developed with people all over the world. Take the Bad Religion cd, Stranger than fiction down in the lower right corner. One of my close friends from high school introduced to the band, and let me borrow his copy of the album. After one listen I fell in love with intelligently written lyrics and the band as a whole. Every album made by the band shares a sense of intelligence with the lyrics. I ended up buying the album for myself, it’s that good. imageThe two albums in the picture to the right of my text, on the left hand side both have a story behind them. Looking back at the first time I heard the band 10 years, (lower left corner) I was with my dad seeing them in concert with Korn and Mudvayne. I recall picking up the album less than a week later, after seeing the band live. The album above it, (Sound of Madness by Shinedown), has a concert ticket in it. My father, my sister and myself went to se them live. While I may not always get along with them, it is still a enjoyable memory. Even the Ramones album was a gift from my mom. It is still one of the best live albums I have ever heard. image Now onto the last picture of CDs. Like all the others these albums share a special place in my heart. Both the Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden albums were gifts from my dad. These albums were released before I was born, but they individually some of my favorite albums.  [Tangent: I actually met (well sort of) one of my closest friends through our mutual love of Iron Maiden and metal music online. After three years of getting to know her, she is one of my closet friends and one of the few who gets a sneak peak of stuff as I write.] The album in the lower left hand corner, Ballads n bullets by In Legend was another gift from my mom. However both albums pictured in the left side of the photo, take a slightly untraditional root for their music. Both use orchestral instruments in their music, giving their metal a neoclassical sound. The mix of albums I choose may seem like an odd combination, or even the genres of the band who made the album my seem strange to some people.  I will admit one of my favorite things about being a metal-head or a punk rocker, is this sense of community or family if you will, that comes with being a fan. While it may not be a tangible thing, I have met several friends that way. Sometimes in person, sometimes over the internet. The friendships may seem strange but I still cherish them. I doubt I will ever meet some of them in person, but I would still call them friends. This post is dedicated to them, and the music that made us friends.

Join the Cherished Blogfest

Join the Cherished Blogfest

Cherished blog-fest: What is my cherished object?

Join the Cherished Blogfest

Join the Cherished Blogfest

Ever since I signed up for the Cherished Blogfest, I was trying to figure what object to pick. After almost three weeks of thinking on what to pick, I realized I was overthinking it.  The object I decided to feature was my iPod. I have owned since my freshman year in college. As a self professed music junkie. I choose the 160gb version in black. ipod classic

It is almost always on, giving my life a soundtrack. After almost five years, it has 39,000 out of the 40,000 songs that can be put on it. Which after five years doesn’t sound as impressive as it could be. I could have purchased the iPod Touch instead but I wanted the storage over anything else. Yet I wouldn’t trade or think of selling it since they no longer make it.

Even though people say I may don’t look like a metal-head, or a punk rocker, or a fan of neoclassical guitar, or a hard rocker. Honestly it is an amusing to see their reactions when they realize that. I will admit music maybe the only thing I love as much as the written word. Hmm…what else can I say? I guess I could reveal some of my favorite bands.