Cherished Blogfest 2016: A trifecta of treasured things

Last year I shared my love for comic books, and books as one of the three posts I did for this. Unfortunately when I did that, I was in the middle of painting and remodeling my room making the pictures look sloppy, and unorganized.  In some ways this is almost an amendment to last years post. Given for this year my cherished object, is my bookshelves.



I went through and mounted the brackets and shelving myself. Which is part of the reason I cherish them, ignoring what is on them for the moment.  Part of it is a sense of pride in at how they came out.The first reason of three I chose for the Cherished Blogfest.

While there are some knickknacks that I do enjoy having. Some of which are a clear representation of geekier side. Take the Darth Vader Bobble-head seen early on in the first gif for example. I remember getting that my junior year of high school, when I went to New York for a robotics competition. Others are more representative of my love of strange, dark things.The various sized skulls seen in both gifs, represent my love of strange, dark things.  Even some things like the Jack Skellingtion Bobble-head, and the small BeetleJuice picture are a balanced representation of both things. That is the second reason for my choice.

Then you have things like the three larger framed pictures in the second gif. I remember getting those at the first comic convention I went to. While that was a blast, I think that was when I realized I enjoyed being a nerd/geek. That I felt no shame in being one, which made me feel a sense of peace. I believe that is why I treasure them, and the memories. This it the final reason out of the three.

Originally I planned to do a bookshelf_tour_pt2video style tour, but realized two things the more I thought about. The first being, that could make a few hour video in its own right. While the second on is, my current WordPress plan doesn’t allow me to upload videos. Of course it didn’t help that I shot the first video upside down. Upside to that mistake, is I found out how to make gifs.


Hmm… that is interesting.

The idea for writing about this came from reading an article written by Neil Gaiman. You can read the article here.

While I may not have read much of Neil Gaiman’s novels, or graphic novels yet. However, I do have tremendous respect for him. He makes several points in his article, including one about having no limits on what he read as a child. Some of the other things he discusses in his article, on banned books, the importance of the libraries, the concept of classifying books, and freedom of speech.

Honestly, I agree with most of his statements. While books may be the subject of controversy, and banning. Even the concept of medium could be argued to some extent.

Personally I think books, are small, portable gateways to other worlds no matter the medium. No group, or person should have control on what is read excluding the creators (artists and writers). I exclude them since everything they make is meant to be imaginative, for the most part.

People young, and old should read what they like. Young adult literature is a great example of something that has a questionable age range. Honestly I have seen people who have past what would be thought to be the target market for young adult literature, reading things that fit that genre. Of course that includes myself. Restricting what a child can read, because it you don’t agree with it, or it depicts something you see as offensive is almost redundant. Especially in a world where you can search for anything online.

I’m curious to see what are your thoughts on the article. Do you agree? Disagree? 

Cherished Blogfest: final day of treasured objects

After two days about posting about my love of music, it took me some thought to figure out what to post about for the third day. Than I realized it was something so simple, yet such a natural part of my life for so long I over looked it. I’m imagetalking about my love of comic books and books.  While my collection may not be large, nor is it small.

My comic book collection is a mix of publishers and creators some well known, others hide in obscurity. Take the comics in the center and on the left end. While Neil Gaiman is well known as an author, the two books I pictured that grace his name on the covers are relatively unknown. That is a little bit of a surprise since the comics briefly published under that label came from well known individuals including Leonard Nimoy.

imageOf course that being said I own others written or created by well known names, such as Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Todd McFarlane, and many others. Some of them from well known publishers like Marvel,DC, Dark Horse, and Image. While most of the collection I have was stuff I purchased myself, I still cherish the stories and the worlds within. Whether the worlds are dark, like the worlds of, Batman, Spawn, or Hellboy. Even if they are full of characters who are strange such Sandman, Constaine, Death, and so many others. While some may argue that comics books and superheroes are meant for children, I disagree. Pictured below are some of my other favorites I picked out of my collection to display.

image image image image image image image image

imageHonestly like most writers, I love books. Maybe a little too much at times, haha. Part of that is I was an strange and shy growing up. I almost always had a book on me growing up. Sometimes to the complaint of my teachers, haha. The odd thing I hated reading books for class for the most part outside of a few books.  I always preferred to read something that actually sounded interesting instead of something that sounded predictable, dry, and boring. I despised being forced to slow down to keep up with the rest of the class, which made the books even more boring than they should have been.

 Despite all that I still grew up to love books. While some of my favorite authors are well known, for others it is hard to tell.  Take Christopher Paolini for example. His Inheritance series is well known for fantasy fans but outside of fans of that genre I find it doubtful he is known.  However authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, or Michael Crichton are authors whose name is well known.   Even writers like Guillermo del Toro may have some degree of  recognition for his  name for his movies Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Orphanage, and Hellboy. His novels co-written with Chuck Hogan, titled the Strain Trilogy are defiantly less known. They are great reads for any fans of horror novels, and now have a tv show with the same name, which is also really good.


I believe some of the reason, I cherish books is they take you to new worlds. Even though my collection of novels, and comics books, and graphic novels may seem like a waste to some people. I love the adventures and worlds they transport you two. From worlds of magic and dragons, to worlds of monsters and killers, to worlds where mankind and aliens meet for the first time, to worlds filled with superheros and super-villains.  Sometimes my love of books makes me wish I lived a giant library filled with books from my favorite authors, writers I have never heard of, and any book that would be a good for read. Below are some more pictures of books I own. I apologize in advance if some of them are heard to read. My bookshelves are being moved around at the moment.

image image image image

Are Essential lists worth reading?

The more essential list I see, the less I more I question their bias. I understand that making an essential list of books, no matter the size. The smaller ones I think, since you have to narrow it down from possibly several hundred or several thousand, depending on the subject. Some of list are clearly meant to be strict, limiting it to a genre of writing or a publisher. That at least makes sense to an extant. Of course others are much less strict with their content.

Take for example the list made by . While it does note well known works by J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, Arthur Conan Doyle,H.G. Wells, and many others. Some of the works and writers they mention, I have never heard of.  Of course other lists, like the one made by for example have some books in common.Both have The adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark twain on their list, as well as Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. There are a few more books that are on both lists, but several that are placed on only one of the lists. They may share several authors in common, but what book(s) they choose with the author vary.

Even when they narrow the genre, or medium they still share this problem. Since I have a major love of graphic novels, and comic books I will use that as a genre, ignoring the publisher and category completely. For this I stuck to list of 50, since it makes things even so to speak. I will be using two lists for this, since the other ones I have found refer to them.The lists I’m using are from , .The contrasting thing between these two lists is one focuses on graphic novels as a whole, while the one from forbidden planet focuses on superheros for the most part. Between the two of them they have about a dozen or so novels in common including Watchman by Alan Moore, Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, Violent Cases by Neil Gaiman, and a handful of others. Outside of the ones they have in common, they are different lists despite sharing a similar focus.

It amazes and slightly frustrates me that people value essential lists, no matter how reputable the creator of the list may be. I guess in the end it all boils down to personal taste. Yet the question remains, why are essential lists used as resources? Have you ever used an essential lists to get into genre or do you go by personal taste? What are your thoughts on essential lists? Are they useful or useless?

Overly productive weekend and a question.

After almost 4,000 words, Friday split between my current projects Rise (death and a dragon), and Anarchy. Along with an additional 2,500 words over the past two days, I’m feeling a case of the Mondays.

monday gif

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and my spark of creativity and inspiration will return with a torrent of thoughts. It would help if this strange sense of exhaustion will be gone as well, and the hiccups I can’t seem to get rid of today, for some reason.

Now on the question. Despite the exhaustion of my body, I couldn’t shake a thought today. There is old phrase, that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true than why are some people so set against counting graphic novels and comic books as actual stories. It doesn’t make sense to me. What are your thoughts? Should graphic novels be counted as complete literary novels, or should they not?  Or are they something else entirely?

Personally I think they should be, but I have some bias as someone who grew up reading comic books, and watching the shows that were inspired by them.  I’m curious to see what other people think on this matter. Please comment below, what your thoughts are. Are you against this? Are you for it? Or something else?


batman thinking

I have begun to realize as much as I could make my main focus, 1000 pages and explore the possibilities i have hinted at I write,  It would be doubtful a publisher would take a chance a on it as one book. Especially since I’m not a well known author.  It feels like it would be better to split the novel into three or four parts, with a manuscript of around 300-350 pages a piece. Since I may have inadvertently written the chapter earlier today, that could be used for it. Despite not being near 300 pages yet, but I have yet to space out everything properly. Already at close to 250 pages, once I space out the 30+ chapters it will be there. It doesn’t help that I have hinted at lands across the sea, and another species of bipedal Anthropomorphic race. Along with so much more. Which may lead to a manuscript of close to 800- to 1000 pages, which is probably not a good idea for a new author. Maybe I will write it all at once than break it down into three or four pieces and make it a saga  instead of some giant standalone book.

As to my other current project, Anarchy. it is going well. My inspiration for that comes in spontaneous and random waves, which is frustrating at times. Since I’m more focused on turning it into a graphic novel, I’m writing it like one.I  guess I can’t hide the fact, that I grew up on old superheroro shows. One might say I was geeked at birth.

After 9 days in June…

Looking back at the beginning of the month from where I was there and where I am now. I have defiantly made progress, more than I though I would get in such a small window of time. While Rise (death and a dragon) is my main focus and progressed almost halfway to the goal I desire to reach by the end of the month of getting fifty pages added to it. Currently at 221 pages from the 199 pages it was at the beginning of the month, I’m excited and happy with my rate of progress. My progress in my superhero book/ graphic novel idea has been coming along much more slowly since that isn’t my focus at the moment, but I have manged to add a few pages to that as well here and there. The progress may not have been as rapid as I would like but progress is still progress.

Now to some none book/writing/author related news, I may be getting a job at a comic book store that one of my mom’s bosses wants to open. While I may not have the job yet or am certain I will, the guy wants my help to bring in customers and will pay me in comics. That makes the massive geek/nerd in me ecstatic.

Flea market finds

Well after going to a large outdoor/indoor flea over the weekend, I began to realize a large majority of my books come from flea markets, discount stores, or library sales.I rarely purchase a book when it first comes out in hardback or paperback.  Honestly I have no problem buying books that are used but in good condition. Especially if they are cheap, haha. I would say a large majority of writers, are constant readers and surround themselves with books. Personally I love get lost in a fictional world. It gives you a sense and feeling  of exploration without ever leaving your home. Maybe that is why books have been around so long as a medium of entertainment.  Despite the fact that the availability and delivery of the medium has changed, as technology progresses.

Below are some of the purchases I made Saturday.

flea market findsflea market finds 2

Has anyone else picked up good books from flea markets? Library Sales? Discount stores? Comment below if you have. I will admit to a healthy curiosity, to see if anyone does the same.

Review of Marvel:The Characters and Their Universe

Marvel: The Characters and Their UniverseMarvel: The Characters and Their Universe by Michael Mallory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a whole the book is informative on some of Marvels most popular characters and teams. In addition it provides a lot of the history of Marvel to be one the largest comic book companies of the day.

If I had to say anything bad about the book is it needs to include spree history of some of the lesser known characters marvel has. Some of which are currently part of Marvel’s phase two or phase three movies plans as or some of the show they are making with Netflix. Most of the movie characters outside of maybe black panther and the inhumans who I would consider lesser known to the general public should have some information in here in my opinion. Outside of Daredevil who I would say is decently well known to the public who has the history of his creation in the book, it lacks characters like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and the rest of the characters who make The Defenders.

Tumblr settup

As I mentioned in last night’s post, I wanted to set up a tumblr that will be similar to this wordpress blog. The tumblr blog is called craftingstrangenewworlds.   For those who follow this and have a literature themed (books, writing, reviews), please follow me there as well. Of course since tumblr is more visual, it will allow me to blog about other things I love or have a passion for. This will include books (obviously),technology, comic books, fantasy/sci-fi art, cars, cosplaying, and of course F.I.R.S.T.

Also if anyone knows how to put tumblr in the social widget, would you please tell me or post a link on how to.