Random musings #7 

“This world has become a nightmarish hell. Everyone struggling with their own humanity as they try to survive. Not just from each other but the virus’s monsters creations. I had seen first hand how the virus radically altered the dead. Yet I still heard constant whispers of scientists who had managed to alter the virus.  Giving the mutated virus to volunteers, and the volunteers surviving the infection’s transformation. Managing to retain their humanity. If the whispers were true, I believed humanity had a grim chance of salvation,” writing down some of this hellish world’s history in a tattered notebook. Carefully placing it on the windowsill, I peeked through a crack in boarded up windows. The sun was beginning to rise in the east. Meaning safer travel was coming soon.

Setting my rifle down, I went to wake who remained of my small group. We had lost so many before we found our current shelter. It was an oddly even split from infection, people get lost and from other human survivors. I woke Jillian and Jet first since they were close by. “Dawn is coming, which means we need to get moving. The others aren’t coming like we agreed. Go wake everyone else and be quick and quiet about it.”

Jillian stretched with a slight grunt before getting off the floor. Jet watched her some before doing the same. Since the group found them, I had rarely seen them apart. Neither one of them spoke of their life before this, but I thought they were related. They both shared some physical characteristics, like charcoal skin, green eyes and dark black hair. Yet, Jet was at my guess two years younger than Jillian. Once I was aware they were up and moving, I went to resume my watch. Peering back through the makeshift wood barricade, that was on all the windows. Watching closely as dawn started to blanket the land.

If any infected were nearby that would be seeking shelter soon. However the virus altered its host, it made them violently sensitive to sunlight. To a point, it was a lethal weapon against them. From the few, I saw through my scope they didn’t look like the vampires of myth. Instead, they bore an odd resemblance to gargoyles. Complete with large leathery wings, sharp claws and fangs, and dark gray almost stone colored skin. Yet, for reasons unknown to me the one I saw was on all fours. Appearing blind as it seemed to sniff at the air with its twisted triangle nose, trying to find my scent.

Jillian tapped me on the shoulder, breaking my thoughts. The others were standing in the doorway, blocking the kitchen. Looking haggard and hopeless but alive for now.

I whispered, “It appears safe to leave. Do a quick search for anything we can use, and we will leave just be safe. Try not to leave anything behind. Each one of you knows what to look for. Now go, and be quick. We are burning daylight,” watching them scatter with haste. Regretting some how they forced me into this leadership role. With a slight stretch of my back, I began packing my stuff. Ready to move ever closer, to the fabled paradise called Delubrum. Assuming it actually exists somewhere in the frozen tundra of uppermost Canada.

After about three minutes everyone had returned. I couldn’t tell if they had success or not. It would have to wait till later, like always. We needed to get moving with haste. I knew I wouldn’t have to tell them to follow me. Carefully moving myself through the adjusted barricade through the front door. Heading towards the street with my rifle tight in my grip. Keeping a constant eye on the surroundings, as we moved.

Review of Revival by Stephan King

RevivalRevival by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a reason Stephen King is one the world’s best writers, and this book is no exception. While the book is may have a on and off pace, as the story churns between the relatively normal life of Jamie Morton, and the not so ordinary life he has at times. Combining classical elements of horror, occult, mysticism, and science this book is defiantly an up and down thrill ride, as Jamie grows up. You can see the influence of two notable classic writers of horror, Mary Shelly and H.P. Lovecraft, intertwined within the story.

Of course there are some humorous and tragic elements intertwined in the story, as Pastor Charlie Jacobs, and Jamie Morton have this yin-yang style relationship. Sometimes it is good, and other times it is complex and horrible. For the most part these two definitely make the book oddly interesting, as Charlie Jacobs explores his obsession with secret electricity.

Review of Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Heart-Shaped BoxHeart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a similar vein to Stephan king’s Christine, this tale takes a simple buying of a dead man’s possession gone wrong. Honestly that may be the simplest way to describe this book.

While the main character is a slightly cliche, occult rocker with a taste for heavy music, and gothic, tattooed women. Oddly enough he has this slight redneck, gear head that is very southern to me. Even his lover/girlfriend has this oddly organic, natural vibe to her. That actually really helps making the world feel real. However there like every world in a horror atmosphere, there is something dark involved. Something that isn’t natural at all, and stands out. In this case it is a vindictive, vengeful ghost of father of one of Jude’s ex-lovers.

I could tell you the story, but that would spoil a lot that is best experienced first hand. Defiantly will be picking up more of Joe Hills work in the future.

Review of The Dust of Wonderland

The Dust of WonderlandThe Dust of Wonderland by Lee Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well much to my surprise the book has a happy ending. Happier than most horror novels at least. Honestly this book is a simple read, despite the sometimes complicated plot. The setting of New Orleans actually seems to contribute to the atmosphere of the story well, given it blends real history and fictional history building up the villain. For the most part the characters are relatable, outside of some of the more extreme reactions that happen.

Ken returns home, after his son bobby is an accident. Which sounds like it would be a simple visit, with his ex-wife, daughter and a few ex lovers. Of course it isn’t that simple, things get interesting as they search for bobby’s mysterious fiancé Vicki Blanch. Things spiral out of control as bobby briefly returns to life before being murdered in his hospital bed. Mysterious forces are at play, from a long dead lover ken had when he was eighteen. A mythos of sorts is built around Travis and his estate Wonderland. As the story progress the mythos is revealed and truth is brought about in a old storybook. The end is well written as Ken must choose between his ex wife and daughter, or an old lover.

Overall the book is well written and blends the realistic and gruesome with ease. It will be a welcome addition to the library of any fan of horror.

Review of The Regulators

The RegulatorsThe Regulators by Richard Bachman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I had to summarize this book in a few words, Murphy’s Law on steroids would be the accurate. The beginning of the book starts pretty normal on Popular street, but it quickly goes wrong as strange vans start shooting up the neighborhood. The survivors of this event try to escape as the world around popular street slowly changes around to something that is part old western, and part a child’s drawings brought to life courtesy of a malevolent entity known as Tak possessing Seth. As the events spiral out of control around them the few remaining survivors hold up in a house after a failed escape from this new reality (if it can be called). Seth’s aunt Audrey and Mr Marinville brave Audrey’s house to try to rescue Seth from Tak’s control. Seth however manages to outwit Tak in a final desperate attempt to reach out for help and costing him his life, along with his aunts.

Review of Full Dark, No Stars

Full Dark, No StarsFull Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

Defiantly good, if not essential one his short (but slightly long) stories collections. I will review each of the stories individually.

The first story 1922 is an extremely well written account of the events preceding the murder of his wife and the events that follow afterwords. It also includes what happens to his son and his pregnant girlfriend as retold by the information he gathers trying to figure out what happened. The story concludes with his death as the guilt over his wife’s death drives him crazy.

The second story Big Driver is about a female author who goes to book event to meet with fans, where she meets the mother who sends her down a “shortcut” road where is she is brutally rapped by her two sons and left for dead. However she survives and debates getting her revenge in a very personal way or calling the police.

The third story Fair Extension is a man who makes a deal to get rid of his cancer in exchange for his best friend’s life going down, along with some cash. To be honest it reminds me of another of King’s books Needful Things in a much more condensed format.

The final story a Good Marriage is the story of a women who accidentally finds out her husband is serial killer. After the husband promises to stop killing, he dies by falling down the stairs after a nice meal with his wife. In the end a semi-retired officer attempts to figure if the wife was aware what the husband was doing, which concludes the story.