August book haul so far

It’s been only two weeks August and I already have boughten 45 books, in two weeks. Some are just hard cover version of books I already had and wanted replaced with hardcover versions. Mostly the Stephan kings, since he is one of my favorite horror writers. The slightly impressive thing is I only not even spent 30$ bucks. Well I think that is my book haul for the next couple months, haha. image image

New books

Once a summer, my local library has a sale. Being someone who loves books, I almost always go, the second day. While the books may be more picked over by than, the cheap price of each book is always a draw.

imageI may have picked up more books last year, but this years hull has some good reads. At least if the synopsis are anything to judge buy. While I attempted to pick up more science fictions books, since I’m lacking in that genre. All the books I picked up, are from authors I have never read anything from. Who knows I may find my next favorite author this way.

Does anyone else’s library have book sales? Have you ever picked out a book that became your new favorite? Find any books by  authors you have never heard of, or have overlooked in the past? Comment below, if you have answers to any of these.

Flea market finds

Well after going to a large outdoor/indoor flea over the weekend, I began to realize a large majority of my books come from flea markets, discount stores, or library sales.I rarely purchase a book when it first comes out in hardback or paperback.  Honestly I have no problem buying books that are used but in good condition. Especially if they are cheap, haha. I would say a large majority of writers, are constant readers and surround themselves with books. Personally I love get lost in a fictional world. It gives you a sense and feeling  of exploration without ever leaving your home. Maybe that is why books have been around so long as a medium of entertainment.  Despite the fact that the availability and delivery of the medium has changed, as technology progresses.

Below are some of the purchases I made Saturday.

flea market findsflea market finds 2

Has anyone else picked up good books from flea markets? Library Sales? Discount stores? Comment below if you have. I will admit to a healthy curiosity, to see if anyone does the same.