So many characters …

Well after updating my character sheet for Rise (death and a dragon), I was astonished to see I had so many main characters.  I never thought I would have 21 main characters and I still haven’t even finished the novel.Not to mention 25 minor characters, and most likely more to come. There are a a few places, I still haven’t written about. I have mentioned them but haven’t written about them. Apparently my subconscious is trying to make my George R.R. Martian. I’m not sure if I should be impressed or annoyed, by that. Well I guess there could be worse things my subconscious could be doing.

I guess that means its time for a update and a minor observation I noticed as I write.

Progress goes decently well in Rise, but a little slow at times. I haven’t broken 70000 thousands words, but that should be done by the beginning of May. My other project Anarchy is a slow start since my primary focus is on Rise at the moment.

I have started to realize the more I write, the more a writer has to have a slight insanity and a lot of passion. Of course that means even a greater amount of drive, to write, to hone their craft. Now as a writer I understand the quote said by Henry Rollins, “You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.”  This quote can be applied to many different vocations. To me the quote can easily and without question be applied to authors, no matter the genre.