Random Musings #7.9

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Raising my group after a quick breakfast, I sat down across from Martin, Beth, and two other members of Martin’s group. Max sat on my right, Beth on my left.

Martin said “The storm has passed Jack, which puts me in a perplexing situation. Without your groups’ assistance, last night would have had a severely bleaker outcome. For that everyone in my group is incredibly grateful. Yet I gave you a verbal contract about sheltering your group, and I have fulfilled it. Which makes it your priority to leave, completing your half of the agreement. However, after a late meeting with my advisors, I have a proposal to make on behalf of my group. While you will be told shortly what that is, I’m most curious to know your plan when you choose to leave.”

Glancing over at Beth, before switching my gaze to Max, for a brief moment. Looking at Martin, I asked, “How much have you heard about Quietus, through these barricaded walls?”

Martin responded “Much and yet very little simultaneously. I believe people exaggerate what they hear through whispers and white noise radio, the apocalypse just amplifies it. If the rumors are to be believed, this place is where humanity has taken its final stand. Some place where the snow is filled with snow, hope, and gunpowder. For a place seeking to preserve humanity, I’m curious to know why they reveal as little as possible about it. I imagine there is more to it than that, but that is what I believe.”

I said “Fair enough. That was where I was hoping to lead my group before you encountered us. I would prefer to continue the way there if we leave. ”

Martin said “Interesting Jack,” scratching his chin a little. “The proposal I offer extends to everyone in your group, but that will only be once. Out two groups merging, becoming a fellowship of sorts. Your group will have to work and defend this hospital like mine does. That being stated, Max and you would be given leadership positions, and spots on my council. Keeping things running smoothly, as everyone gets used to having more people around. I will give you two hours to think it over, among your group,” standing up. “Everyone in my group please follow me out. Send everyone from Jack’s group in for their private discussion,” walking out of the room. Followed quickly by the two members of his group that sat beside him.

Beth lingered behind, as my group slowly made their way inside the room. Making me wonder if she was going to follow us if we left. Trying to fill the parental role for Jet and Jillian.

Random Musings #7.8

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Following the sound up the stairs, at a breakneck pace. Trying not to trip on our own feet in the process.  Wishing I had my gun on me as I pushed on the door leading to the roof. Seeing three of the predators were on the roof alive and to more dead. Taking turns to fire on them from the limited cover. Keeping them at a safe distance. The creatures didn’t seem to notice us, as they were bombarded with bullets and rain.

Somone I didn’t recognize, waved us over. Sprinting over the slippery rooftop, I made my way over. The others following quickly behind.  A large scoped rife was forced into my hands before the creatures were pointed at. Making the fire motion with his fingers, before resuming to fire. I didn’t recognize much about the rifle, but it looked military.

Relying on outdated military training I did my best to line up the weapon properly. Feeling around for the bolt release and trigger. Gripping the bolt release carefully, I pulled it back releasing a spent cartridge. Letting the bolt go forward by itself. Peering down the scope, keeping my eye a few inches away.  Taking careful aim, knowing the wind could move the bullets intended trajectory. Finding a decent shot at the creature on the left side of the roof. Holding my breath, I fired into the monster’s neck. A little right of where I aimed. The creature growled deep in pain, before boldly charging forward. Letting its dark green blood leak down its body in the process. Chambering another round, I readied myself to make another shot.  Before I could fire the creature slide forward, landing on its neck hard. Releasing a loud crack as the monster’s neck broke.

The other two monsters’ released a fierce-some high-pitched howl, as their wings sprouted out of their backs. I could tell if that meant they were fleeing or doing something else.

Before they could manage to do anything I quickly fired another round. Aiming for the wing in an attempt to keep them grounded. Either one escaping would be dangerous. The others seemed to follow my idea, as the one I hit starting falling back to the roof. Quickly chamber another round I did the same thing to the one still aloft. Releasing another howl, as it began slowly plummet. Laning with a thud, that kicked up a circle of water.

Without fully realizing it, I managed to fire four shots in rapid succession. Wounding them once more, before killing them with a second shot. Believing so anyway, since I had seen these things take a lot of bullets before being killed. There were vulnerable parts on beneath their armor like skin.It seemed biology failed in shielding any joints, and the wings from what I noticed. Maybe these things had different stages of their existence.

The rain continued to pound the roof as everyone returned inside. Drenched, tired, and yet reeking of gunpowder, fear, and adrenaline. The scent following us down the stairs. Hopefully not infecting the air, with its odorous mix. A disposal method would have to be agreed to if the storm ever lets up.

Finally, we enter the door to the third floor. Martin somehow managed to get ahead of everyone. Hobbling toward the center of the room, as if it was his personal stage. I had to admit the man was highly charismatic.

He waited for every member of both groups to be in the room before clearing his throat. “The storm brought the abominations to our door and we repelled them. Yet, we were not alone in this endeavor. With aid of strangers, we managed to push the creatures back, before eliminating them. Granting us a brief respite as the storm continues to rage on. If we need their help again, we may not have time to fetch their weapons. Which is why I will allow them to hold on to them, ” receiving a mix of cheers and boos after saying that. “Yet, at the same time, two of those strangers managed to bring two of our own back to us. Along with valuable medical supplies, from beyond the quarantined door. Now some of you may have your suspicions about them, but these people worked to no-longer be strangers but friends. I would suggest to everyone who can, rest up and clean your weapons after you get on some dry clothes. Everyone else, change into to some dry clothes and warm up before resuming your duties. This storm isn’t over yet, and we are still are high alert,” raising his pistol into the air. Shouting “We will endure,” receiving cheers from the room.


Random Musings #5.10

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Two days had passed before Chronos and Minerva decided the fate of our prisoners. With the sun beginning to set both of them approached the captives. Genesis and Pierce on Minerva’s right, while Frigar and I were on Chronos’ left. Everyone else following behind however they wished.

Minerva commented “This is your final chance to share anything useful you know and still be granted mercy. Some of your brethren took up the first offer when it was offered originally. Thos that didn’t saw how generous we can be,” pausing a few minutes to test the loyalty of the remaining members of the Order of Holy Light.  Despite being bound, none of them shouted to take it. “Stubborn and loyal to the end I see. Under normal circumstances that would be commended, but these aren’t normal circumstances.  We will not grant you a trail like our forbearers, captured and tortured,” her voice in anger. “like monsters. By refusing our last offer of mercy, you will be killed as monsters deserve. Pierce, Genesis, Frigar, and Earolis you will be doing the execution. Be merciless but swift if can. How all of you choose to that is your choice,” surprising the others and myself as we glanced at each other.

Pierce was the first to step forward, extending sharp claws out of his fingers. Touching them against the steel bands on his shoulders. Forcing the claws to adapt the metal’s properties.  With a slight grin, he walked towards the first captive. Teasing the captured guard some before slicing his throat. Releasing a spray of blood onto his face.

Frigar and I walked forward together. Drawing several sharpened staffs, from the earth. Working in tandem to execute the nearest prisoners, knowing we were more than capable of killing them. Spearing the heads, or chest of the captives to give them what little mercy they deserved.  Out of the corner of my eye, spotting Genesis walking towards the captives last. His hands glowing with a mirage of colors before I lost sight of him. Dividing my focus on what everyone was doing. Trying to avoid giving into my own notions of vengeance.

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed before Chronos’ booming voice interrupted, “Enough,” stopping all of us with a single word. “Step back you four, the captives are more than dead. Now to just gather the bodies and dispose of them. Gibil will handle the disposal and help move the bodies. Once they are gathered we can a send a message to the order. Frigar and Earolis excavate a hole for them to dump the bodies in, as they do.”

I nodded before glancing at Frigar some. Trying to get an idea of what was going on in his head. He nodded some before taking a few steps away in silence. With little choice, I followed a few seconds behind. Knowing I would need his assistance to open a decent sized crater. Trying to make sure it was done without causing injury to the others if the placement was off.

Frigar stopped a few feet away from the others, glancing away from them. I stopped maybe six steps away. In silence he turned around, looking directly at me. Feeling the subtle wave of energy he was emitting. Relaxing some, I countered with a wave of my own. Letting them merge after a couple seconds. Increasing their power drastically as the earth below us started to give way. Shaping it with care for several minutes until a deep bowl was formed in the earth itself.

Stepping around the hole, I watched as the corpses were dragged here. Tapping my foot some as I waited. Glancing up at the stars in an attempt to distract myself, as my own exhaustion was beginning to catch up with me.

The moon took its rightful place as the last of the bodies were tossed into the hole. Gibil stood on the edge of the pile. His hands engulfed in flame, waiting for the order to be given. While the others took various spots around the hole.

Chronos shouted “The order things our resistance is an act of annoyance and futility. With the successful capture of this remote orphanage, we strike back. Even if we have to comment atrocities to survive, against the ones they send to kill us like they did our predecessors. Now on this historic night, we will give the oppressed hope. Tonight the resistance will give rebirth to the second age of heroes. Gibil please ignite the bodies and let the world know that the powers have returned,” as Gibil erupted the flames from his hands. Shooting them around the crater, lighting a beacon for a new age.

Staring into the flame, I began to wonder where the resistance would go from here? Would the world fight with us? Did the world still remember heroes were once real? How many of us would fall before the Order of the Holy Light was destroyed? Would history paint us as heroes like our forebeares, or as villians?

I think I’m leaving the ending as it is. While it may open-ended, it does allow for me to continue if I wish. Even adopting the premise into a small novella series, or graphic novel if the opportunity presents itself. Any comments on the entries overall are appreacited.




Random Musings #5.9

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Forcing myself to stop as I saw a handful of guards standing in front of the underground cell door. Two of them had pistols pointed at the heads of Kali and Frigar.  If Kali wasn’t projecting a small protective aura, I doubted I would have noticed. Stepping to the right to avoid being seen, assuming they didn’t see me coming. This was something I didn’t expect. A hostage situation where I had little information on what was happening. I needed a distraction, so I could try and get some help. Downside they would most likely kill Kali and Frigar if they saw me leave.

Hiding for several minutes, I heard no footsteps approaching me. Which meant I was should be safe for the moment, despite my abrupt entrance. Knowing I was comprised I, formulated a basic plan.

Placing both hands on the wall behind me, I closed my eyes. Channeling a small amount of energy to create my version of radar. Desperately needing to know the odds, before I acted. Feeling the bounce back that revealed at least six guards. Making notes of where they were so I could strike without injuring my companions.  Taking a deep breath, I choose my locations with care. Releasing quick narrow spikes from underneath each guard. Aiming more to maim than to kill, if I could. Hearing a few screams, as I hit my targets. Creating and releasing another wave of spikes before stopping as the air fell quiet.

Opening my eyes I waited a few moments before peering around the corner. Seeing Kali and Frigar relatively out of harm. The guards that once held them on the ground, barely moving.

Frigar most have noticed me before saying, “Earolis is all they sent when they noticed we hadn’t returned with the children,” chuckling a bit. “I suppose I should be grateful, now that the guards have been dealt with,” crossing his arms. “I guess I should starting dragging the bodies outside before releasing the children. No point in traumatizing them farther.”

I watched Frigar move the bodies outside. Using a mix of the earth and his hands to do so, as I fought back the urge to slap him. Hoping to stop the arrogant, ungrateful, egotist he was becoming. He may have similar powers to me, but he always managed to get under my skin. Taking a series of deep breaths to calm myself as I waited. Splitting my gaze between Kali and Frigar. Coming to realize Kali should be the ones to let them out. I believed they would listen to her, before listening to Frigar or me.

Once Frigar finished moving the bodies, I approached Kali. Sharing that I wanted her to be the one to release the orphans.  In an effort to keep them calm as they received their liberation. Kali gave me a slight glare but nodded, looking more to the ground than to me. It was clear she nervous but understanding which was a good sign. She and the other children had only escaped five days ago, only to return to free the others. There was something oddly storybook about that.

Kali sighed some before walking to the wooden,  door. Expanding her glowing aura as she reached for the door. Forming almost finger-like appendages before digging them into the door. Aggressively pulling the door off of its hinges. Tossing it to the left side of the chamber. Where it collided with a slight echoing thud. The children inside releasing several gasps, looking at Kali.

Kali said “You are free now, ” stepping aside gradually. “The stairs will lead you to your new lives.”

Glancing inside, I watched the orphaned children stand up. Hesistent to move towards the door, almost as if they believed this was a ruse. I peeked up at Kali, trying to find a way to break the orphans collective stillness.

After a few minutes passed the first few children approached the door, with tentative steps. Cautiously walking past the threshold, before looking back at the other children. Keeping their gaze on the other children as they moved forward. Getting a little faster the farther they got. The other children began to follow their courageous example, beginning to move past the door. This continued at a decent pace until they were all out. Kali and I were the last to leave the underground chamber.



Random Musings #5.8

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Dawn had come and gone by the time we found the stragglers from the Order of Holy light. They were bound, gagged, and stripped of their weapons. Which I felt was a better punishment than they deserved. Pierce, Genesis, and Gibil were watching over the fifty members from what I saw. Yet I was stuck watching over the one man I noted in my undercover time. Jaliki, Chronos, and Minerva were my company.

The old man chuckled as Minerva broke another one of his fingers. “You are fools, still resorting to torturous interrogation. After all this time I’m dumbfounded that Chrons and Minerva have failed to learn anything from our intermingled past. Despite my presence here, I despise the Order of Holy Light. Just less than you hero types, which is the only reason in Fate’s tapestry I would ally myself with them,” chuckling once more. “Even the children in your company will learn the truth soon enough. Chrons and Minerva are the heroes they pretend to be, but something far more ancient, gods. Which is the true reason the resistance started, you and your kin wanted revenge on the mortals who once worshipped you,” chuckling madly before falling silent. Looking Jaliki and me over, a cry for help in his face.

Chronos had seized the old man by the throat, yelling out “You nefarious, scheming, traitorous, misguided, twisted old man. There is only partial truth in your words. After all, you were once like us, until grief wrecked your mind. Your longevity was the only thing we didn’t strip from you, Aconeric. If Minerva and I are truly fools, then you have forfeited any hope of getting what was yours back. Which is why I will give you something you deserve, death,” rapidly aging him in front of my eyes. Going from being a man of flesh and bone to a decaying corpse, then to dust.

I noticed Minerva give Chronos a wide-eyed glance of concern and worry. Chronos remaining oblivious of her expression. Leaving me to wonder how much of what Aconeric revealed was true.

Trying to shake off the mental image of what just happened, I discreetly walked out. Unsure if Chronos would expel his chronal manipulation power in his mixture of grief and anger. Silently I walked towards Genesis, Gibil, and Pierce. Wanting a distraction, or at least a change of scenery.

Gibil turned his head slightly, “Relief already, “he asked. Keeping the prisoners in view the best he could.

I responded “IF that was the case there would be more than I,” laughing a little. “Just been a long day watching Chronos and Minerva interrogate the strange old man.”

Gibil nodded before turning his focus back to the prisoners. I gazed past him towards the prisoners. Trying to recall the faces of the ones who worked with Aconeric. They could be valuable, perhaps even the only lead to what Aconeric was actually doing. Hopefully, I can remember them, without bringing the orphans to view them.

“Did anyone actually save the children,” blurting out the question to anyone who could answer. Since I had yet to see them above ground. Exploring freely the one place that imprisoned them so unjustly.

Gibil turned fully with a shocked almost embarrassed expression. “Umm…not that I know of. Last I knew Kali, and Frigar were told to, “he responded. “I haven’t seen them return yet.”

Without thinking I sprinted off, recalling the way.


Random Musings #7.7

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After about four hours of tedious and careful navigation we managed to get the five of us passed the last barricade. With Max stuck in front, he pushed the door open. Pushing the medical supply cart against the door so it would stay there. The two crippled people we found were let through first. With hast I followed behind them, pushing the laundry cart forward once they were out of the way. Setting it against the wall, so Beth and Max could finally get through.

With a sigh of relief when the door finally shut. Being careful as I could, I removed the hazmat suit. Letting it drop like a second skin before helping Beth and Max do the same. We agreed on the way here to remove them, seeing little benefit in causing a panic. Along with agreeing to lock the odd crates, I found in a nearby room. Until we could get them open and see what they may contain.

In silence, I let Beth, Max, and the two cripples go. Not waiting long as I steered the laundry cart into the first open door. Finding the room almost empty, outside of a bed and some beaten-up folding chairs. Carefully, pushing the cart into the far side of the room, before looking for a closet. Hoping I could find a bed sheet to cover it up. With haste, I sprinted to the closet. Pulling the door open, ransacking it until I found a couple of folded sheets.  With them, in hand, I sprinted back over to the cart. Tossing them over it quickly, letting the sheet unfold. Adjusting them both until the obscured the cart and its content. Satisfied, I left the room. Pulling the door shut, to prevent any suspicion. Running to rejoin the others before they got far.

Managing to find them a few steps away from the common resting area. Taking the time to slow, before colliding with them. Catching my breath in the process as they stopped for a few seconds. I had hoped all of us entering at once would ease any suspicions Martin, or the others in his group.

Together we walked inside slowly, appearing successful with both parts of Martin’s task. Yet, I failed to see Martin the room. From the looks of it, the room was mostly empty outside of the injured. Where did everyone go? What had happened when we were gone?

A series of faint but rapid pops from above told me something bad. Running around the two cripples, I chased the sound. Worried about the members of Martin’s group, and my own. Sensing both Max and Beth were following behind me.

Random Musings #7.6

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It took us longer than I expected before finding the medical supplies, in this semi-abandoned hospital. We still hadn’t found any signs of the others Martin sent ahead of us. Not even as much as a burst of static from the makeshift radio.

I commented “We found the supplies. Should we radio that back before trying to to find the others,” reaching for the device before realizing I left it in my pocket under the hazmat suit. “Dammit, the radio is inside my back pocket. I’m sure shouting would attract attention but, maybe not the attention we are looking for.”

Beth said”Probably not. Let’s check the nearby rooms instead. I give them precise instructions on where the supplies were. They should be nearby I hope. Max see if you can a cart or something we can use to move the supplies. I will look over them once I have some better light,” walking towards the adjacent wall. “Don’t either of you stray too far from that door. I would prefer to go back soon. Even if we don’t find the others.”

After fifteen minutes of fevered searching, I found no signs of recent activity. Yet, I managed to find something unexpected in one of the unlocked rooms. A laundry cart filled with army green totes. The American flag was imposed on top of them, under a layer of dust.

Pushing it front of me I saw Max had found a makeshift cart. Given what we had to navigate through on the way here, a narrow rolling filing cabinet was practical. I looked around quickly for Beth, hoping she followed her own instruction. Steering the cart to the nearby wall, I caught my breath. Feeling slightly annoyed, for not pulling the radio out before suiting up.

Max said “I would find Beth, Jack. It shouldn’t be much longer until this is full. She went into one of the rooms last I saw, on the right side of this door. Try to be quick, this place is starting to creep me out.”

I nodded before sprinting off to perform a quick search for Beth. Moving between the rooms within a few minutes of each other. Managing to find Beth in the fourth room, I searched. She was bent over a body. What she was doing I couldn’t tell.

Tapping my foot three times in quick succession. ” I found no signs of anyone else in my search. Ready to go, Beth,” I asked. Eager to get out of here myself.

Beth answered “I unfortunately did,” stepping aside of the body. Revealing two people who looked exhausted, but alive. “These were the two Martin sent us. From what I can tell they fell over something hard. Managing to severely damage their legs, possibly broken knees and ankles. They appear infection free, from the looks of it. We need to get them up and moving before leaving. Once get them both on moving, and have a better light I will examine them more. Gather their packs and hand them to Max. It will take two of us lift them one at a time. Check the closet for crutches. We will be slower but, that should allow them to move easier.”

I nodded, before heading out the door towards max. Stepping past him into the rummaged supply room. Finding crutches tucked in the back right corner, easy to access. They were a little rusty but I didn’t see a problem with that. Pulling out two of them, I ran back to the other room.

Beth had banged both of them while I was gone. Walking over to Beth I waited impatiently. Sensing all of us were eager to leave before the lights flickered out for the last time.

Random Musings #7.5

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After about an hour of struggling to put on the hazmat suits, we did a final check of them. Making our way past the double doors, ready to survive. A tight grip on our various weapons, as we stepped forward.

Being greeted by flickering lights in a vast hallway. The hallway itself seemed to have its own set of defenses. Made up of over-turned hospital beds, fallen lights, and what looked like a random assortment of carts filled with boxes. I couldn’t tell if the boxes were empty or filled. Let alone what they may contain. If Beth had any ideas she didn’t say. Strangely enough, it didn’t look like of the doors were barricaded from the other side. PArt of me was curious to see if the room contained any supplies. While half of me realized that staying on point was best for now.  Given how Martin wanted us to find the two members of his group as well. I doubt they would have taken shelter in rooms this close to the door but I could be wrong. God, I hoped I was wrong.

Each door I passed close to, I peeked inside. Seeing little to indicate the doors had been recently opened. Noticing little that seemed out of place given what may have happened here. Yet, when I something in my peripheral vision near the back corner of the last door.

I said “Stop guys, I think there is something in that room. Pretty sure I saw something in the back corner,” watching Beth stop mid-step.

Beth turned slowly on her planted foot. Stepping back towards the door carefully. Peering through the small window near the center of the door. Hopefully noticing the same thing, I did.

Beth said “That can’t be. Nothing should be past those doors unless it somehow,” going silent for a few seconds. “Found a place to hide when the government ordered the purging. Try to be quiet both of you, and don’t approach it. Stay behind me, but close to the door,” pushing the door open slowly. Making the door release a harsh squeak in the process.

The movie was enough to attract the thing’s attention. Releasing a strange, guttural howl. The howl getting louder as the thing approached the door. Fighting the urge to move much, I tightened my grip on my bat. Waiting to swing hard if need as stood just the side of the doorway. Keeping this thing from seeing me, I hoped.

Strangely enough from what I could tell Beth had little reaction to the howl as it stopped. Peeking around the door slowly, I saw something almost demon like in appearance. Yet what, at the same time there something human there. The fearsome looking beast stopped, gazing at Beth. Blinking its hellfire orange eye, almost as if it recognized her.  Did she have any idea what this thing was?

Somehow this thing managed to say “Go away,” in a deep trembling voice. Yet from what I could see it didn’t appear possible.

Beth said “Gaberial,…” reaching out towards the creature. “I figured they killed you when you failed to show. Oh, Gaberial how did this happen?”

The creature said nothing. Instead, pointing to something I couldn’t see. Could it be possible that this thing was at one point a doctor? What could force someone to do something like this to themselves?

Beth said “You did this to save yourself from dying. The other subjects never survived the first-hour Gaberial,” waving us forward some. “Please stay calm both of you. I need to thing without having to worry about you killing each other.”

With slow steps forward, I managed to see more of the room. Along with more of this strange abomination. It had managed to retain some of it formerly human body, except with stone gray skin. With the dim light, it was hard to tell much about this things arms and legs. If it was anything like the creatures, they would have sharp talons, instead of fingers and toes. The face was different, however. It seemed to have a mouth, though I couldn’t tell how it worked. As I made observations, I could feel it watching me. This creature even managed to have some semblance of the creatures’ wings. Except though they appeared to be almost batlike, as they expanded over the shoulders.  Glancing past the creature I saw, I blood-stained wheelchair. The back padding was pierced by three bullet holes. Both barely visible if not for the small lantern that hung above it.  Could this thing be an ally, or just a more lethal predator?

Beth said “This changes things Gaberial if you retained that brilliant mind you had. I will have to figure that out later. We are searching for two people and medical supplies. They should have passed this way, I just hope they didn’t get lost. Gaberial please stay here, and stay hidden. I will return as soon as I can.”

The strange man-beast thing whimpered a little. Walking off into the back corner of the room. Crouching as if to hide better. It seems not even the apocalypse can take away reality’s ability to surprise you. Even though I imagine Max and me had several questions for Beth about her past. Was she more than she appeared? How much of what really happened here did she know? Was she somehow responsible?


Random Musings #7.4

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Martin returned almost an hour later with Max’s fire ax, and my baseball bat, interrupting my thoughts.  Someone from his group I didn’t recognize was accompanying him. The person was short and stocky. Wearing a patched up green scrub. Watching us through black glasses, as Martin handed our weapons back to us. Handing something small to Martin before leaving.

Shoving the small device into my hand, Martin said “This was part of the hospital’s intercom system at one time. It will act as a short range radio system if needed. Beth will accompany you on your search. She was a nurse here before the world went to hell. The children will follow me back to the common area, where they will be safe. Please be quick if you can and try not to put yourselves in unnecessary danger. Good luck,” turning around and leaving.

Beth gave Martin a slight glance watching us as Jillian and Jet slowly left the room. Letting Martin take the lead in the process. All of three of us watched them leave. I hoped Beth knew more than Martin since we were in her hands.

I said, “Lead the way, Beth.”

Beth stood there in silence for several minutes before speaking in a hushed tone, “We are going to have to stick together if we want to live. I think the area where the meds are was part of the forced quarantine when the government still had power. There should be a few biohazard suits a few doors down. We will need those suits on before we enter.  I’ve heard whispers of why the government shut down parts of this hospital. If there is any truth to the rumors, this could go wrong quickly. Stay on alert if you can,” walking towards the door. Unholstering a pistol as she walked. “Try to stay in the middle of the corridors. Any locked or barricaded doors will remain that way,” taking her first step out the door.

In silence, we followed her. On a heightened state of alertness if anything either one of them said was true. Watching both the walls and floor for signs of recent movement. It gave me a sense of ease as we moved.

After about ten minutes of walking, we stopped at the end of a corridor with three doors. Two doors placed on both the left and right walls respectively. A set of double doors that led forward, had been sprayed with a large biohazard symbol spread over the doors. Along with the phrase “Keep out,” sprayed above and below the symbol in white. An ominous warning in graffiti.

Beth said “The biohazard suits should be behind the closet door on the left. Let us hope no-one took them in the panic of things.,” walking towards the door. Pistol raised at the door as a precaution. “One of you stand behind me, the other against the wall outside the door. Just be careful,” waiting for us to follow her instruction.

With long silent steps, Max took the wall against the door. Forcing me to take a spot behind Beth. Using her fingers to count to three we waited. Watching as she opened it on the count of three. Seeing a few decayed bodies, wrapped around each other. Both with a single bullet hole in the middle of their skulls. Decaying green smocks hid if they had any other injuries before they were killed. Any signs of who they were didn’t seem to be on them.  Beth sighed some before entering the door. I wondered is she knew who they were. Doubtful I would be much help searching in that cramped space. I waited, leaning back into the wall some. Ten minutes passed before Beth walked out. Carrying three sealed bio-hazard suits, in bright yellow bags.

Ten minutes passed before Beth walked out. Carrying three sealed bio-hazard suits, in bright yellow bags. Whatever lurked past the graffitied door, I hope these would protect us. I had witnessed the early stages of this infection before. It wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Beth said “Will put these on each other. There should be gloves and a respirator built into the suit. Just be careful with them. I don’t know if we will have to use them again.”


Random Musings #5.7

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Dusk began to fall as the orphanage appeared on the horizon. Looking angelic in front of the setting sun, despite what hides inside. A strange sense of excitement, nervousness, and brooding lingered over us. As we waited for dusk to hide our approach. Keeping the element of surprise in our favor for the moment.

Ten minutes had passed before dusk had fallen enough for us to approach. Following the plan, we broke into groups in the process. I led Minerva, Kali, and Jaliki to the west wall.  Staying close to the wall to avoid any detection. Finding a spot near the middle, I waited for the distraction to begin. Manipulating the earth and stone in the wall with care and patience.

Minerva tapped my right shoulder. Without turning my head I saw Borelis and Lauriel had created a dazzling light show. I waited a few minutes before shaping the tunnel before me. Feeling the cold stone and dirt begin to shift out of place. Trying my best not be obvious in what I was doing.

Minutes later we rushed inside, on high alert. Finding a lucky spot of cover behind one of the buildings. Minerva taking the lead as she peered around the corner. Leaning back into cover before whisper “It is clear for now. Let’s go find the power supply and shut it down why they are distracted.Hopefully, that will bring the matriarch out. Along with any additional guards. We move on my mark,” getting ready to sprint away.

Counting to three, we ran out of cover. Following her towards the south side of the facility. Being fired on from someone on our right side in the process. Quickly creating a makeshift box around us. Kneeling behind it I scanned the area quickly. Trying to figure the location of who was firing on us.

Managing to find someone who had taken position behind a couple barrels between buildings. Barely visible if it wasn’t for the muzzle flash of their weapon. Without thinking I created a cloud of pebbles around us. Shooting them off as fast as I could toward the barrels. Stopping the gunfire after a few seconds. Hoping the other nearby guards were still focused on the light-show.

Minerva commanded ” Make a rock cloud around us Earolis. We need to stay on schedule. There is little time to wait,” jumping over the barrier before breaking into a run.

With slight annoyance, I shaped the barrier into a cloud of rocks. Letting Kali and Jaliki run ahead as I obscured us from the rear. Expanding the cloud some to deceive our enemies. Wanting Minerva to use some of her power to aid me.

I barely saw them run into the power station before being shot at again. Quickly recreating my cover I kneeled behind it. Creating more makeshift cover around the building to buy the three of them time as they did their job. Hoping it wouldn’t take long as I still didn’t see who was firing at me.

Noticing a small group of guards, dressed in white coming this way. All of them appears to be heavily armed, and tough as steel. Staying crouched, I waited for them to get closer. Knowing I needed them to get closer to prevent me from overexerting myself. The distance was a massive drain on my power, despite five years of training to overcome it.

The firing rate increased, filling the air with the sound of gunshots. Staying hidden, I hoped the noise would catch Minerva’s, Kali’s, or Jaliki’s attention in the meantime. Trying to think of distraction before they managed to penetrate my cover.

Closing my eyes, I focused on the approaching noise. Trying to get a precise location from their footsteps. Managing to find them, I began to slow down their approach. Creating subtle hills on the ground in an attempt to trip them. While quickly thinking of a more offensive idea.

Knowing they were close to my postion, I gave in and let my insticnt guide me. Letting the earth incase my body in an armor made of stone. Leaping over the barrier, I released a shockwave as I landed. Charging towards them intent on surviving. Feeling the impact of their bullets as they began to slow down. Confident I could prevent them from escaping I released short bursts of spear like rocks. Covering the area around the best I could. Stopping myself as the bombardment of gunshots went quiet.

Regaining a sense of control as I noticed the lights die away. The other three in my group certainly took their sweet time. Choosing to stay in this protective shell I waited for them. Sensing things were beginning to turn in our favor, just as the night barely begins.