Six Sentence #38

I don’t know what was worse, the plague, or what came afterwards. Major corporations took the power from a failing, and struggling government. Humanity now lives in corporate controlled cities, with high walls of iron and barbed wire. Anyone not left in the cities when they closed the gate, was left for dead in the infected cities. Part of me thought they were the lucky ones, despite them being surrounded by infected. Maybe they were, since the corporations had an extreme lack of caring of those they were meant to protected.

Six Sentence Stories #37

I waited silently from the crowd, waiting to be called up to take the cape. It was always the dream of mine, to be a hero. I saw this as a chance to become that. A way to help the world as a symbol of hope. Part of me was filled with an anxiety, that never seemed to fade. The other part of me was filled with fear, was I truly ready to take such a responsibility?

Six Sentence Stories #36

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps, and the legacy he leaves behind. Where does that leave a society where people, can almost indefinitely? I have pondered that question several times, over an extensive lifetime. Watching the world from the safety of my penthouse, bound to the machines that keep my lungs working. The only company I have is the beeps of the machine. Along with constant sounds of the world permanently beyond my reach.

Six Sentence Stories #35

Destiny can be a fickle, and complicated thing. My father used it, to usurp his brother from the throne without so much as a drop of blood. Now, I stand in the back of royal court, watching my older, sickly  brother take the throne.  He had the same education I received, but I had my doubts he recalled any of it. The fall had taken care of that. Should I seize my destiny, and take the throne from my brother?

Six Sentence Stories #34

Silently, I walked in the light of a full moon on the path towards the nexus point of several Ley lines. The planetary alignment had begun. All the signs pointed that something could possibly break through. The ancient society I belonged to, was founded to prevent this happening. It was a task given to us by the gods of old. Now as stood close to the nexus, points I began to have doubts about my task.

Six Sentence Stories #33

In an almost eerie silence, I waited in a dense patch of fog around a small fire. Crickets chirped all around, as I heard something move through the waters nearby. Whatever it was seemed be moving near the surface of the water, instead of stepping through it. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, as I heard a loud groan come from behind me. Grabbing the cold steel of pistol, from my holster I turned forwards the strange groan. I turned off the safety, and waited for the monster of the swamp to appear before me.

Six Sentence Stories #32

I still recall the days the first ships arrived. They looked massive on the small TV we had back then. I imagine they were much larger in person, as they landed over the large cities of the world. Beijing, London, and San Francisco were the first to see the mammoth metallic door open. They were also the first to be destroyed, by the strange blue beam the ships propelled outward.  That was when the world realized these visitors were hostile, and the war for survival began.

Six Sentence Stories #30

On a starry night, I watched silently as I waited for someone to take the bait. My bait was a clever ruse, to gather those who caused chaos and bloodshed in my city. The profile I wrote on them suggested they would fall for it. All it would take is time. For this night, I had plenty of that. Birds of the night, chirped as I begin to see some of them gather around the bait. With a grin, I drew an arrow from the tree branch in front of me.