Tumblr Updates

Despite setting up the tumblr a month or so ago, I really haven’t done much with it. Looking through themes and customization options over the paste few days I have found something that I like. I will admit it is a little basic but it works for me.  Putting in few menu option for upcoming works and published works, which is all I have really done to the menu for now. Along with a page of book reviews, which I wish I knew how to organize into a series inside the menu.  Putting them in sequential order doesn’t feel like enough. Maybe it’s just me.  I will hopefully add to it over the next few days, customizing the theme to work for me.


Clear skies…

After a past few days of heavy rains, and less than productive few days because of it due the garage flooding. I’m happy to report that today was much more productive, since the skies were finally clear and will be clear for the next couple days.Given that rain tends to causing flooding where I live that is a good thing.

Today has been productive for me. I managed to make a Twitter account, as I worked on rise (death and a dragon). After some slight misunderstanding of the widget, on my part I managed to get that set up and linked on here.  The link is on my social media tab as well as below. As for the rest of night I will be writing, like always. Haha. I will follow anyone that follows me on there.

Twitter name: C_Scottwriter

Mini update and a slight observation

Well over the past few days I have written 5,000 words in Rise (death and a dragon), and a few hundred in anarchy since my mind refuses to leave the fictional realm of Talora. Even  though the more I write the more I realize am I approaching the climatic middle of the book. Which means I should probably update the few chapters I put on wattpad. Almost forgot about that, haha. Still trying to figure out how exactly it works but it is what it is. Even though I have thought on going to the local con, next year once I get published, and have a physical product to market. Maybe do drawing for a autographed copy. Not much else to report, unfortunately.

As as I think of setting up other social media pages dealing with my beginning as author. It feels like Facebook would be the most efficient, over Google+ since it’s easier to access to the masses. Google+ is really only works if your fans have a google account. Of course there are other sites like goodreads, and tumblr which seem  more public than Google+. The question which is the easiest to communicate with a fan base, outside using a traditional website. Any other authors I follow, have thoughts on this. Comment below.

Menu and writing updates

Well after getting passed the point in A Storm of Swords by George R.R Martin, where the Red Wedding happens, which is defiantly qualifies to be a depressing event. I started writing today shortly after that, since I was not in the mood to continue reading after that. Passing 90,000 words a earlier tonight, getting me ever closer to my goal of 100,000 words by the end of May.  Which I believe I will hit, if I can keep my pace up getting 1,500-2,500 words written a day.

Since I couldn’t get a sidebar with the social media accounts I have set up, I broke down and made a menu for them. It is the forth tab down, and includes links to my goodreads author account, pinterest and tumblr accounts. Feel free to add or follow me if you like, I will follow you back. Also I may be setting up a page for world building and writing tips, that will be part of this account to help other aspiring authors like myself. If anyone wants to help me with that comment on this post, or tell me something you want to see. I will see what I can find or write up myself.

Tumblr settup

As I mentioned in last night’s post, I wanted to set up a tumblr that will be similar to this wordpress blog. The tumblr blog is called craftingstrangenewworlds.   For those who follow this and have a literature themed (books, writing, reviews), please follow me there as well. Of course since tumblr is more visual, it will allow me to blog about other things I love or have a passion for. This will include books (obviously),technology, comic books, fantasy/sci-fi art, cars, cosplaying, and of course F.I.R.S.T.

Also if anyone knows how to put tumblr in the social widget, would you please tell me or post a link on how to.