October begins author

I apoligize for not posting in a awhile, work has been keeping me in weird hours. Of course that does really affect my writing time, since by the time I get home I really want to sleep. However  one of the more extensive goals, I set for myself last month is done with. Which means the revising of Rise(Seasons of death and dragons) can begin. Honestly I feel that will be my main focus for this month, so I can hopefully get a published by November, just in time for the holiday season. Which hopefully will increase the sales, of both print and digital copies.Featured Image -- 166

August’s ends

While August, may not have been the most productive month between picnics and running a garage sale. Along, with starting a new job during the third week of the month. However, I know what I want to do for September. Well, mostly anyway.

General Goals for August:

  1. Look into editing services for Rise (seasons of dragons and death)
  2. Insert the map, once the editing is done
  3. Create and send out query letters
  4. Reach 100 followers on here
  5. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter, and 100 likes on Facebook

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Christopher-Scott-Author/918473158199922

Here is my top five posts for this month, feel free to check them out:

  1. WEP Challenge Spectacular Settings entry
  2. Six Sentence Stories #24
  3. Late midweek update or Thursday update for August
  4. Six Sentence Stories #16
  5. Wednesday update

Hopefully, next month will be as productive as this one. Even with the new job.

Now on to a slightly new thing, I’m trying to figure out. I have created a new addition on my menu entitled: Short Stories and Random musings. It will keep my short stories organized, especially the six sentence ones. Also it allows me to showcase my other short stories and writing contests entries. It is right by the “My Works,” section of the menu. If anyone has any idea how to get the parent page working, please comment below. For now, I’m just using hyperlinked pages.

Concluding July

9th doctor grinning idea

I could say July has been unproductive but that would be a lie. Honestly between the Cherished Blogfest this past weekend, getting my room repainted, and concluding the writing of Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death,) the month has been productive.

Usually in the beginning of each month I post my goals for the month under my Monthly Sum-ups and Goals for the month. For this month they were these:

  1. Look into making an author Facebook and Google plus account
  2. Finish and start editing Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death)
  3. Redraw the map with more detail and insert it into the first draft
  4. Look into getting a cover made for it
  5. Make a final synopsis, and a query letter for publishers
  6. Create an email list
  7. Get to 15000 words in Anarchy
  8. Reach 100 followers on here
  9. Reach 500 to 750 followers on Twitter

While I may not have got all my goals accomplished, I feel content with how much I have managed to get down in thirty days.  Of course getting my room painted and remodeled some took up more time than I expected caused some delay. Ah, the great joy of having to wait for paint to dry.

Top posts for the month:

  1. Cherished Blogfest: What is my cherished object?
  2. cherished-blogfest-second-round-of-treasured-objects
  3. Someone bring me some inspiration and some coffee, please
  4. Creative Resurgence
  5. Cherished Blogfest: Final day of cherished objects

Some slight news, I now do posts at Graphic policy as well. I cover comics books, and science and fantasy shows. Hopefully next month will be just as productive.

Menu addition

Like most authors, I like to have monthly goals. Both in terms of writing and attempting to build my social media presence as an author. Usually I just post summaries at the end of the month, without any indication on what my goals were for the month. Well to remedy that situation, I have made a general page where I will post goals for the month, and links to months past via a menu system. If you want to check it out, the page is called Monthly Sum-ups and Goals of the month. The link is below.