Menu addition

Like most authors, I like to have monthly goals. Both in terms of writing and attempting to build my social media presence as an author. Usually I just post summaries at the end of the month, without any indication on what my goals were for the month. Well to remedy that situation, I have made a general page where I will post goals for the month, and links to months past via a menu system. If you want to check it out, the page is called Monthly Sum-ups and Goals of the month. The link is below.

Aprils end…

Well at the beginning of April I had 60 or so pages of Rise written. Now that April had concluded and the second day of May is almost upon us. I have 137 pages written. At my best guess at bout an average of 500 words per page and an additional 77 pages written. If my math is right and it usually is, that means I wrote 38,500 words in April. Defiantly a very productive month, overall.

Highlights of April:

  • going to Knoxville for the FIRST FRC Smokey Mountains Regional for my mentoring work
  • Managing to get this successfully set up, with tabs for my works, about me and book reviews
  • Getting even more novels to read at some point.
  • Lastly getting 38,500 words written in 30 days