Menu addition

Like most authors, I like to have monthly goals. Both in terms of writing and attempting to build my social media presence as an author. Usually I just post summaries at the end of the month, without any indication on what my goals were for the month. Well to remedy that situation, I have made a general page where I will post goals for the month, and links to months past via a menu system. If you want to check it out, the page is called Monthly Sum-ups and Goals of the month. The link is below.

Summary of May

Well as we now sit in the final hours of May, it seems an good time to post a general summary of the month for my follower both new and old.  As a whole the month has been very productive in both writing and building a small presence as an author online. Looking At my stats for the month, I was surprised to see views from Austria, Canada,Serbia  and Great Britain. Despite the fact that most of my views come from the states, it defiantly feels good and encouraging that I’m finding views from across the ocean. Hopefully I can continue gaining viewers and followers around the world as I build my online presence as a new author.

Honestly, I have no idea how much I wrote this month, since I’m not sure how many words I ended with last month. I could use math to make an educated guess, but it would be an average at best.  If I had to guess, it’s probably somewhere between 35,00 and 40,000 words.

Much to my surprise my most viewed post for May was something I wrote last month, as entitled “working book synopsis.” Which can be seen by searching the archives, I will work on changing it to a link tomorrow  but I’m having technical issues at the moment.  This feels encouraging and seems to mean people are interested in the book, which it makes finding a publisher a little easier.  The only other thing I wish the stats revealed is how many new followers I have gained since last month, to thank them for following me on this interesting journey.

Well, until I post again. Live your lives by reading and writing as often a as you can.