Late mid-month update


What little remains in the month may not be much, but we have reached the halfway point for July. The first part of the month has been productive, My main project Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death), is finally completed.Anarchy my side project has been pushed aside, to work on my entry in, writing contest. Outside of that, I have reached the high point of the range for Twitter followers, which seems to be gaining everyday or so.  Also I have redrawn a map of Talora, which at the moment is basic. I will add that into a the first draft of Rise once I manage to add in more details, after making several copies of the basic map.

Hmm…..what else. I guess non writing news, is I’m repainting my room. It needs done desperately since the paint is spotted and faded from time. Need to put a second coat of paint on tomorrow and it should be fully done. Than to put my room back together. That’s all for now.

Clear skies…

After a past few days of heavy rains, and less than productive few days because of it due the garage flooding. I’m happy to report that today was much more productive, since the skies were finally clear and will be clear for the next couple days.Given that rain tends to causing flooding where I live that is a good thing.

Today has been productive for me. I managed to make a Twitter account, as I worked on rise (death and a dragon). After some slight misunderstanding of the widget, on my part I managed to get that set up and linked on here.  The link is on my social media tab as well as below. As for the rest of night I will be writing, like always. Haha. I will follow anyone that follows me on there.

Twitter name: C_Scottwriter