Review of Into the Ruins (Ancient magic saga #2)

Into The Ruins (Ancient Magic Saga, #2)Into The Ruins by Bob Blink
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To be honest when I first started reading this book I was slightly confused since they started to introduce new main characters in a completely different setting before getting Rigo and the other wizards in. However the new land was a definite change from the three kingdoms in both politics and magical aspects. Once Rigo and a few other wizards arrive in Sedfiar by crossing the ruins they are taken away in cuffs that prevent access to their magic. The guild that imprisons Rigo and his companions are at odds with Queen Rosul who rules Sedfiar. Queen Rosul eventfully finds out that the guild is hiding Rigo and his companions from her which outrages her. With help from Queen Rosul Rigo and his remaining companions are released under the supervision of the guild. Eventually Rigo and his companions are saved by Kaler, Daria, Jeen and a few others while Queen Rosul attempts to rescue them, with help from diam who has been brought back. However Queen Rosul is attacked by the guild and the people of Sedfiar are told she is killed by the outsiders. Rigo and his companions actually save the Queen and her consort returning them to the three kingdoms along with Rigo close friend Mitty. With help from the three kingdoms and Queen Rosul the return to Sedfiar and start a was with the guild who has broken the barriers. Queen Rosul returns and unites the casters loyal to her, the people and the army and put all efforts into finding Cariff and her casters. They succeed after destroying the hopplani farms as Cariff and her two remaining casters attempt to stop Rigo’s binding to Mitty. They fail as the binding ceremony was a trap for Cariff. Cariff is captured before the binding ritual is completed. The book ends with the Baldari attacking a monastery in Kellmore. Nycoh deals them as they begin to face a new threat.

I received this book from goodreads first reads giveaway.

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