Bleak Days and Devouring Nights: Chapter 4, An Unsafe Arrival

By the time I arrived at the fire escape of my apartment, it was almost nightfall. Total darkness would be here in the next few hours at my best guess. Looking down I noticed one of those things sitting on fire escape, gazing downward. If it had freshly killed someone, I may yet be safe. Trying to be silent I pulled out the nail gun, from under my coat. I glanced down, trying to hide the monster below. My hands flicked off the safety on the nail gun, as I waited.

A loud, thunderous boom came above. I never thought the air was humid enough to rain. It didn’t feel like it before I left on a failed supply run. I wasn’t sure how these things reacted to rain, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to find out. It seemed I was in a stalemate, from where I stood. A light drizzle began to fall, as I waited. Silently I watched the white skinned monster. It didn’t seem to mind the rain as it fell.  I fell back some as I noticed it began to look upward. Hopefully I had moved before it could see me, if it did I would have to kill it. From the ones I watched from the safety of my apartment, one could call others without saying a word. There was something distressing about that. God what I wouldn’t do for a shot of liquid courage right now.

Taking a deep breath, I did my best to quietly move over to the next rooftop. If I could get a clear shot, I would have to take it. Deep down I knew I knew it was the only way I would survive till tomorrow. It would be a difficult shot to make. I slide some on the wet roof, as I landed on the rooftop next door. Swallowing a grunt, I moved over to the side of the roof.  Leaning over the edge, I spotted the monster. It looked like it watching the rain, like it was amazed by it. This puzzled me, I had never seen one looking so vulnerable. It reminded me of a newborn who was for the first time feeling rain on its skin. I knew the monster was anything but. Looking down at the thing, I pointed the barrel of the nail gun at the monster. It didn’t look like it noticed me being there. Hesitating for a few moments, I watched before squeezing the trigger several times.I waited as the long nail projectiles to hit their mark. The monster howled briefly before stopping,as the nails borrowed into it’s skull. I shivered some, before squeezing the trigger several times over. It turned causing a few of the nails to go into black eye of the monster. I noticed a slight black fluid leaking out of the eye where the nail was stuck. It made no move to remove the nail, with its strange claw like fingers. More of the black fluid, I assumed was its blood started to drip from its forehead. That meant my other nails more than likely landed inside the matted mess that made up its hair. With a wide grin that exposed its razor sharp row of teeth, it began to climb the the wall of the building. Small chunks of rubble dropped from the building as the thing climbed.

I shouted “Shit,” before squeezing the trigger of the nail gun, without aiming. It howled again before it stopped climbing the wall.  More of that black blood leaked out of its hand, as I realized I had pinned it to the building. Grinning I ran over to the building, carrying my nail gun like a cowboy in some old western movie. The thing locked up at me, tilting its head from side to side, almost as if it was confused or scarred. I put my nail gun, directly over the things head from where I stood. Without mercy I squeezed the trigger, several times over.  I looked down, on the thing, as the black color faded from its eyes. As the black color faded I noticed it had some remains of  human like eyes, behind it. Could these things at one point have been related to humanity?

Putting the safety back on the nail gun, I watched the still creature.  It faced locked into an expression of confusion and fear. Was this thing dead, or just playing dead? Even if it wasn’t dead I should figure out a way to move it off the building. For all I know it could attract more of those things, if I it left here to rot.  Too bad I didn’t know any doctors or someone who had studied anatomy. It would be useful to know more about the inside of  these things. Reaching for the bar of rebar, I wrapped my gloved fingers around it. It was slightly cold, but I thought it would work for prying the Devourer off the building.  Swinging it like a baseball bat, I began to bash at the side its skull.  I could feel the force of the blow as I worked out some of my anger using the skull like a large stress ball.  After almost a dozen swings, I was satisfied it was dead. The bottom part of  the rod of rebar, was coated in the black fluid that made up this things blood. Being careful I pried the thing off the building. I watched as it fell with a thud.

Silently I washed off the rebar rod in the rainwater before retiring to watch in safety. The occasional burst of thunder and lightening illuminated the skyline. Something told me sleep wouldn’t come easy tonight.

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