Bleak Days and Devouring Nights:Chapter 3, Exploring the new day

Once I got far enough from my apartment, I looked over the city. A large patch of sunlight, poked through onto the old Acropo-Mart.  It was one of the many superstores in the city, that had that name. Leaning over I looked down below. Shattered glass from robbed storefronts rested on the ground below. Some of the pieces had been carelessly stepped on, from what I could tell. If that was from someone entering the store or running away, I could not determine.

Carefully climbing down from the rooftop of the store, using the garbage bins as steps. The plastic was more slippery than I expected, yet I did my best to maintain my footing. I knew better than to slip and fall and break something. That meant death, if I failed to drag myself away. I had found some old pain pills, but did my best not to use them. They were a rare commodity now. If I had to I could trade them for food or weapons if I ever found another soul.Tightening my grip on my rod of hardened steel, I ran across the streets.

A light wind, carried the scent of ammonia. It was stronger than the scent of rotting flesh that lingered below it. Softly I whispered “Shit.” It may have been daylight, but as strong as that smell was, there had to be a great number of them inside. Ducking behind a car that remained in the parking lot, I looked around carefully. Thinking to myself “Too bad I didn’t have a road flare and some gasoline. That would kill the ones hiding inside.” Carefully looking into the SUV I had ducked behind, I looked for supplies.  Nothing useful, from what I could tell. A child’s teddy bear, a empty bottle, a moldy, half-eaten sandwich and small thing of tissues. From what I could tell this as a newer SUV, which meant it more than likely had an alarm. Setting it off would just draw the things, from all around towards me. If I knew how to make a bomb this would be a good place to put one, in a crowded parking lot. Looking around I noticed most of the cars around me, looked newer. SUVs seemed to make up a lot of the cars on the lot  with only a few trucks.

Doing my best to remain silent I moved back onto the rooftop of the broken in storefront. It may be sunny, outside but windows of light, can be brief in these strange new times.  That made keeping track of the day difficult at times. I may have had not been in dire need of supplies but it would have been useful to get some additional food and water. Turning I looked out from the rooftop, scanning for evidence the Devourers could be inside. If they were this could be nothing more than a suicide mission. Scanning the area I saw nothing that could indicate a nest of these things. This was a tough decision. To go in for a chance of getting some additional supplies, and possibly run into a nest of those monsters, or run.  There didn’t look to be a safe place I could hide out and watch, before taking my chance at getting some supplies.

Swallowing my anger, and annoyance, I turned and ran west back toward my safe apartment. The patches of sunlight started to fade as I ran over the rooftops. Keeping the bar of hardened steel in my hand, I moved with haste as the adrenaline and anger ran through my body. With each step I could feel my heart beat faster.  A loud bang below, made me stop where I stood. I could hear my heart beat in my ears, echoing throughout my head. If this was a Devourer I should keep running. Even one of these things could be difficult to handle. Instinctively I tightened the grip I had on the rebar rod. Quickly I turned where I stood, waiting, listening to the world around me. It was quiet, like the calm before the storm. The air may have been almost still but there was something in the air. Something about it made it crackle, with a strange feeling. That is when I heard it again. The strange noise the Devourers. Under my breath I whispered “Fuck, one is close.” The fear seemed to lock me in place. I knew I needed to move, to somewhere safe but was unable. Another loud clang came from below. That managed to break the invisible chains that kept me where I stood. My desire to survive finally managed to overwhelm, the fear.

My hastened run, resumed over the rooftops that remained between my apartment and where I was now. I hopped I would avoid the one the that was close by. If there was more than one, I knew I stood no chance.

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