I need some help/advice on crafting a magic system. Given the heavy influence and atmosphere of noir in the world, trying to create a magic system is a challenge. I have barely began to deal with the intricate nature of world, that has been merged by accident. Creating an pseudo-fantasy world, inside a world of tobacco smoke, crime, sex,  and gunpowder.   For the most part, I have tried to keep the world in a state of black and white. Using the magic to add a subtle shot of color, in a mostly colorless world. The beginning of the story can be found here. Any ideas, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated. Even someone to discuss ideas would also be appreciated. Thanks 🙂


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  1. The key to magic systems I’ve found is to know their limits. If you know the limitations put on it, then you can craft it better. If magic just runs wild you have the issue of the unlimited powerful whomever and everyone and their dog can use it. So if you put a limitation on it, say it only comes out with intense emotions, then you can craft the whole system around that. Using that example, your magic users have to be in-tune with their emotional sides which could change your plot completely. Or maybe each time they use magic, it drains all energy from them. We now you have to factor into your plot of people passing out when using things.

    I hope that helps.

    Good luck!

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    • Thanks, it does. For the most part I have limited it so far, since I imagine a insane criminal with access to magic wouldn’t end well. Yet I imagine it would at least be interesting to say the least. Perhaps I could do that with mob boss or a similar style character.


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